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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Why Catholic Priests Have not been allowed to Marry 03 12 2013

Why Catholic Priests Have not been allowed to Marry 03 12 2013

Catholic priests take the heat for the Rob eye who can.  Even Judas called Jesus a Rabi and knew he was one.
The reason that Catholic priests cannot marry is because they are considered to be Rob Eye’s (Read this as being one step above of a human being.  I am not even Jewish but am indeed because I am labeled schizophrenic.)  The reason that Catholic Priest’s cannot marry is because the beast women who demonically possess them for being Rob Eyes’ don’t want to see through those eye’s when that man is having sex with a woman. (This is no lie!!!!!!)  It forces them to break the delusion that they are someone that they are not.  If you read the Dead Sea Scrolls there is also nuance of tribes all having the same eyesight as one woman of the tribe.  Not only that Jesus himself went to length at describing the collective noun Satan and telling us that those men who all sleep with the same woman all have the same mind.  Logic deconstruction of that tells you that if they all have the same mind they really have no mind themselves.  Why?  Because a mind is indeed something that only belongs to a single person, only should belong to a single person, and should only be respected as being that of a single person.  So much for the Darth Vader voice commercial in the 70’s advocating, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste,” to a Vondoon black culture.
The reason that Catholic priests can marry is the same reason the Roman’s Castrated and Unic men.  It has to do with the mindless idiot wife Procula declaring, “He (Jesus Christ) gave me a terrible dream.”  Her terrible dream amounted to the breaking of her delusion of self and having to face the reality that she did not have her own mind.
As to Jesus Christ and his teachings being the foundation of the Catholic Church that cannot be true.  Nor were JC’s teaching entirely consistent with God.  Jesus Christ is said to have licked the ACOULA of Mary.  That is a direct conflict with God’s law of not eating of the flesh with the life blood still in it.  Jesus Christ also said that he would make a man out of Mary in order that she be allowed to be a disciple- that is him wryly alluding to sodomy.  Anyhow Jesus licked that Acoula and was then beset by demons that he could not exorcise from himself.  He broke God’s law concerning the purity of Self DNA.

(Who else would write the ACOULA licking into the Bible if not a beast woman!  Can you see her preaching it to her yancy boy husband?)

So indeed the belief that Priests cannot marry is not consistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ.
Judaism separated from Christianity at the time of Jesus Christ over this one issue, The Catholic Church being the conduit for the beast woman to see through the eyes of a man without having to feel like she is a really a beast.  And indeed four of Jesus Disciples were said to be partners. Meaning Gay with each other.  Why would they be this way; if they were castrated and uniced by the Holy Roman Empire and could not have sex with women. 
She get’s sight of that man’s soul and that is what she thinks she is.  “To live the life he lead for us.”  Means that the children of the beast woman want to be the ones to perfect all Jesus Did after they kill him.  The same principal applies to the Nazi American movement of psychiatry and how they also wanted to sterilize all the family members of whom they labeled schizophrenic.  This U.S. based literature is what influenced Adolf Hitler.  Hitler himself being ashamed of his roots because he had the mind of the beast.

Interesting comment and belief concerning the beast woman’s intent and Catholic Priests.  I don’t have much to say about one, but he did say this regarding sexual molestation, “We all get that.”  I believe that he meant that it is how Catholic Priests are indoctrinated into the faith.  Because they have that one step above human soul that the beast woman catches onto like it is that falling star.  The metaphor of rain being the descending holy spirit present in the disembodied semen of men who are indeed, One Step Above Human Beings.  How does the song go, “And I wanted to control it.  And I wanted to control it.”
Catholic Priests cannot marry because of a horrific legacy created by the Roman Empire and the true nature of Satan in our world.
If Adam and Eve were Jews. That Were is past tense.  It means that there is something called a Jew that is better than a human being.  And the issue is greatly confused today because there are many Jews who are not Jews just as there are (seem’s repetitive but isn’t) many Jews who are not Jews.

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