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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Price Fixing and Groceries 03 23 2013

Price Fixing and Groceries
I have been told that there are only two grocery store chains in the Milwaukee Area.  That means that after one looks through all the businesses to see who controls the grocery stores, it really amounts to there only being two.  And indeed the food in the Milwaukee area is much more expensive than it should be.  Three hearts of Romaine lettuce sold for over $5 where I live, whereas I have been told that you can buy three hearts of Romance lettuce in Chicago $.99.  I know it is true because I have verified it.
I have to ask myself “Is the price of food is so high in order to give more family employee’s jobs than they would otherwise be able to afford to?”  Great if you are part of that family.  Not so great if you are not.
Yee shall know them by their fruits is a saying from the Bible that seems to apply.  It implies that the fruits of other people do not belong to them.
So it appears that someone wanted to control the food supply and that they indeed have. 
It also costs a lot more to live in small towns than it does in the city.  Again why? Small towns are located in rural areas very close to the natural food supply?  Is it really an effort to get the good people from small towns to move to the big cities?  But again why?  If you yourself had no human soul you would need fresh souls to live on and drain wouldn’t you?  It is like the saying about the man who has all the ideas and no money and winds up have no money and no ideas?  Is that the reality of the saying? 
Do they really want to bring the children of innocent and good families to the city so that they can push drugs on the unsuspecting and naïve.  And Naïve is not a bad word.  It means that you are trusting!  YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO TRUST!
Do they need fresh souls to sacrifice to keep the beautiful men and woman happy?  Which leads one to another part of the evil scheme.  If a satanic person does not have to think for themselves for the primary reason that they are unable to does it mean that they grow stronger faster than a naïve and trusting son and daughter?  Sure it does.  All that caloric energy is not used in their thinking.  So hence what movement comes next?  Very simple college does not mean learning for yourself, it is not an educational institution anymore, it is a venue for those who could not think for themselves to get a degree in professional sports?  Does that make any sense?  College in the United States today is really about becoming a million dollar athlete?  Professional sports should have nothing to do with college.  Not only that; those children that do not have their own souls should not even be in the same classroom with those who do not!  They don’t belong there! 
Without their sacrificed soul they start to look like The Walking Dead!!!!
They also sacrifice souls using a technology whereby they can use attenuated microwaves weapons to talk to people in their heads.  That beautiful woman is beautiful because she never had to think for herself and has the mind of someone else’s child???  Does she keep the mind of a child by mocking those minds that are not of children and then sacrificing them?
At the local grocery store in the Village I live in you see what would seem to amount to sixty people working in the store at the same time.  I have to ask myself, if a grocery store chain were allowed to fix prices and give all the family member employees of the store a great discount on food they would indeed have an unfair advantage!!  They would indeed have more disposable income then people who were not part of that family!  An Italian business owner I once worked for told me that a certain grocery store made more money from the sale of alcohol than anything else.    When you raise the price of food does it make the cost of alcohol seem better by comparison?  Three romaine hearts of lettuce cost ~$5.50 and a bottle of wine costs $9.  It doesn’t seem like much more does it.  Just grab it off the shelf and in the cart.  That alcohol is indeed poison and we are only just starting to learn the slight difference between children that are conceived and developed in the womb under the influence of alcohol and those who were not.  The Bible told us the story and it was there all along!  If alcohol is highly detrimental to the teenage brain what can be said about the brain of the developing fetus?  That person born might look exactly the same as the rest of us but cognitively they might be highly challenged?  They want to tell you that alcohol has absolutely no influence on babies.  But the big break in the line of reasoning that proved that to be untrue is that fetal alcoholism is indeed a documented physical abnormality caused by alcohol.  So we know for a fact that it does cause harm.  But no scientist or pharmacist ever took it the step farther did they to tell us about what the matter of degree it is.  That is indeed proof that it is a matter of degree right?  When first they baselessly claim no harm and then have to admit to it being untrue!
And that is where the self delusion of the human being comes to play.  Human really came from You-Man.  So one had to have got so angry at those who mocked their mind and soul that they started to kill them and the beast said in its defense, “ I am you man.”  “I am you man!”  “I am you man!”  ~ “I am human!”

Which leads one to ask the question “Why did they want to control the food supply?”
To understand why one faction of our world might be different than the rest of us you have to read the Bible.  In the Bible it tells that Adam and Eve were Jews but they were the first humans.  That “were” is past tense.  Adam and Eve were indeed kicked out of the Garden of Eden because they did not have the capacity to listen or obey their father.  Likely they got that way by eating rotten, fermented and wormy apples.  The great lie today is that we are all human beings.  It isn’t true some of us are indeed one step above human beings like that which kicked Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden WAS!   The problem is that they did not know what healthy food was and ate what made themselves and their children sick and deformed.  How else do you get one son that is so jealous of his brother that he kills him.  Cain was indeed less than Able and he could not bear the reality that Able was successful whereas he wasn’t.  A normal brother would be happy for his brother and work with him?  Cain likely did not have his own soul.

Does it sound to you like I am an anti-Semitic or racist?  No.  Quite to the contrary.  When I was in High School two survivors of the Nazi Holocaust spoke to an auditorium of us students and I listened.  They were very high strung and nervous.  Almost to the point where you would be made uncomfortable by it.  But let me tell you, “They had absolutely nothing good to say about Alcohol!!!! “   I didn’t understand what the issue was at that time but I sure do today!  It is plain as day to me!  That alcohol dwarfs developing brains.
Employee Discount
That store is getting better.  It used to be like an episode of Heehaw when I shopped there.  But the last time I went there I did not see the broad array of cigarettes.  They are getting the message? Most of the time that I shop there an evil rotten sprit follows me home as if it was attached to me and seek to screw up all I do.  But it is the same thing with the health food store and the hardware store.  It is then more of a matter of a tradition of the satanic?  It indicative of a mind that cannot learn by either listening or reading instructions!!!  You have to consider how what the Bible defined as the beast would be jealous of all human accomplishments in order to understand the behavior of the beast.
Those holocaust victims knew what created the beast as well as I do!!!!!

If Price Fixing Were Allowed To Continue
There are laws to prevent price fixing.  Oddly enough it is a child that was discarded, Republican Newt Gingrich, that was the main thrust behind eliminating government!!!  Get it?  Our Government is what made us the great nation!
If it were allowed to continue with just one store that store the profits from that store could create the funds needed for growth to open more and more stores.  In effect the food supply would already be being controlled and genocide could be created!!!
And if the price fixing was being done by one race or family the consequences would be horrific!
So how do you defeat it?  Antimonopoly power!  There is no greater proof of a monopoly than the ability to keep prices fixed high.  Based on CURRENT laws, to prove price fixing you actually have to prove collusion!  You can’t just say that store does not need that many obnoxious employees.  You can’t just have a common sense legal defense and say that three hearts of lettuce should not cost over $5 here and compare it to $0.99 somewhere else?  For some reason that isn’t proof????  We both know it is proof!  Us naïve types that is?
So if you do manage to break up that monopoly you cannot allow members of that family to work at any grocery store can you?  Why not?  Because they will always seek to earn a higher standard of living than what they deserve!  So they will either seek to raise prices at that competing business in order to attain that standard of living or they will run that business into the ground so they can have things their way!  Another goal being that they are able to buy out the bankrupt chain with profits from groceries that are priced to high at current chains.
How to defeat it continued.
And what if that race is defined as all having the soul of the same person?  Then you have to test them for it?  By definition if you have the soul of another person you do not have your own soul do you?  What then happens?  Because it amounts to one percent of our population that has been medically defined and labeled as having their minds SPLIT it means that you one percent of worldwide income should be taxed to go to that one percent that has had their minds SPLIT!    That one percent of worldwide income goes into a fund to be divided among those that have been defined to have their own souls because it has been SPLIT!  Split meaning the same thing as Rationed! Ration being the second part of the compound word Corpor- ration (Corporation) (Corp means body)
This one percent worldwide tax would indeed defeat them because they don’t want to work for that soul, they want to steal it from them.  Just like Cain wouldn’t work for Able but he would rather kill him.
If that person is getting one percent by their efforts then they can indeed abandon the efforts related to it?  In other words they no longer have to strive to be successful in a world where it is impossible for them to be!!!! That takes the fun out of thieving from them doesn’t it?  Eventually the idea of stealing souls would be abandoned by them and the person who had their soul Split would indeed be able to use their skill sets again and become rich by their own higher intelligence.  This would force those who had to steal minds because they did not have their own to indeed develop their own minds.  And they would not be drinking alcohol to do it!!!
Justice would be restored to the world as the satanic are prevented from becoming happy through theifdom!!!  They are also prevented from becoming happy through learning by listening to another person think.  There should be no reward for not being able to think for yourself.
I am exposing a hidden form of racism that knows no color.  Indeed this form of racism uses color and religious bases racism to hide behind.  The form of racism that I am exposing is that of those who do not have their own soul versus those who do.  I am not racist against those who don’t, but am when it prevents me from earning a living based on using my own mind.  I did not start this form of racism either and the only way that I know about it is because of the validity of personal experience and racism that I have experienced all my life from it!!!
Tithing would indeed be very consistent with what the ancient Jewish religion.  The rich Jews of that ancient time are said to have known where their profits came from and did indeed tithe to those people.  Tithe means to pay tax.  And indeed at the time of Jesus Christ the Tax Collector seems to have transitioned from good intentions to bad!!!  After all once you create such a tax collector they have indeed been indoctrinated into sustaining the way of taking from others whether it be justified or not.  (As a side note the argument with regard to the divine right of kings can be made and who is really a king and who isn’t!  The truth being that everyone would want to be a king whether they deserve to be one or not!)
That one percent tithing would indeed make them honest?  It can easily be mandated because those who deserve it have been highly documented and medically labeled.    But if the worldwide percent of the population that had their minds split were to increase then you would indeed have to increase the percentage of tithe of worldwide income to them.  Call it a cost of living adjustment?  The business term for it is COLA.
So how do we really separate the true split mind from a faker who likely had a mild case of fetal alcohol syndrome they adapted to by attaching to the soul of another?
1.        IQ testing.  The true Schz will indeed have a higher level of intelligence defined as the ability to solve a problem in the physical world.  Whereas those who would be faking would not.
2.       Active denial?  Are they actually being actively denied from accomplishing something or do they just not have the mind to do so.  The true Split mind can accomplish when they are not being actively denied from doing so by those who split them.
Anyhow it would be very hard to tell and prove (A family history of having had their minds split would be the best documentation) those would indeed be grandfathered into the tithing system.
It would be very hard to confirm but even harder to prove when the food supply can be controlled and therefore new minds could be split at will!
I am still hopeful that there is no difference in race other than that based on drug use effect on conception and the development aspect of a different religious tradition.  (Alcohol ties the two together.)  Religious tradition means they are raised per family tradition!
So if you take away both of those you have also defied them, but to a lesser sense.  Why because of a lesser sense?  Because they will seek to defeat those initiatives because they have no other recourse.
So why do I bother?  Why don’t I just give up?
Because if we don’t that lack of mind and responsibility that comes with having to develop one’s own mind  will lead to the death of every living thing on earth!!!
Animals and fish will die first.  (Ignore it all you want but it is happening already, I don’t have to make the list here.)
Then plague and pestilence and famine will strike. (Ignore it all you want but it is happening already.  If Aides isn’t a plague I don’t know what is? Diabetes.  1 in 3 women getting breast cancer.  Just read from the list the big pharma wants to sell to you!)
After that they will resort to cannibalism and it will be the end of everything.
In summary you can see how food, price fixing and alcohol all seem to come together and fit in one topic?

Initial Anti Alcohol measures.
Any store that sells anything that can be eaten or drank other than alcohol should not be allowed to sell alcohol!  It work’s vice versa too.  That eliminates the impulse shopping for alcohol.
Anyone with a low IQ should not be allowed to purchase alcohol.
Anyone having sex should not be able to purchase or drink alcohol for the risk in creating a soulless child it creates.
No one managing other people should be allowed to drink alcohol.
Any store selling alcohol should be taxed at a higher rate due to the health risks it causes.
That higher tax goes directly to a United States Health Care Fund.  Those who are the true victims of having their souls split can decide how it is to be spent.  In other words if a person drank too much and got a liver based disease they can be denied government health care reimbursement.  If they got diabetes from drinking alcohol and it ruining their pancreas they can be denied health care reimbursement.  If they smoked cigarettes and got cancer they can be denied health care reimbursement.  In other words if we defeat your means of escapism than you seek to develop yourself and look out for the health of others too?
If we wanted to induce change like this rather quickly we could state that those who are the citizens of someone else’s soul cannot be said to be the citizen of a country and allowed to vote?  The last would be first!
Ask you can see by what you read you already know that I believe that schizophrenia is the greatest medical fraud and it is committed by the greatest racists that they world has ever known.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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