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Saturday, March 16, 2013

On Homosexuality 03 16 2013

On Homosexuality 02 26 2013

The Jewish God of the Bible Abhorred homosexuality.

Not only that Homosexuality really amounts to a religious belief?  Am I right?  What does someone who is a homosexual believe that is consistent with any religion?  You can't really name something so indeed it is its own religious belief.

Indeed when I was in Catholic School as a boy (Roman Catholic School) the teacher tried to legitimize the belief in that Roman Soldiers liked to sleep with one another.


But the Roman empire although falsely labeled as being Holy did not have what can be considered a valid religion.

So what Religion does homosexuality conform to?  It is indeed evidence of the Satanic religion isn't it?  What better evidence can their be of it.  And it is also evidence of a Satanic influence in a family.

So one has to make the statement that the belief in the collective noun of the Satanic is indeed inconsistent with the Constitution of the United States of America.

Honest to God if there were a group formed today that decry ed that the Constitution of the United States must be defeated would that not be an act of Treason?

That is exactly what Piers Morgan did on CNN.  So is there no one in the United States that objects to him?  There is no one alive in the United States today that believes in the United States and what it should be?

Homosexuality is indeed its own religion.  Because it is a belief that is contradictory to the Bible it is a contrary religious belief.  A contrary religious belief is indeed evidence of its own religion.

With regard to laws concerning Church and State.  The United States cannot make laws concerning homosexuality.

But if there was a religion whose goal was to defeat the fabric of the United States would we be allowed to comment on it and pursue justice against it?

Do we no longer have the right to defend the United States because it violates the right of someone in the United States, that is contrary to the United States, to do so?

There is a great corollary that also proves the same with regard to the pro-life movement.
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