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Monday, March 25, 2013

The Milwaukee Journal Truth Meter 03 25 2013

The Milwaukee Journal Truth Meter 03 25 2013

There is no other way to say this,  you can neither make it through Grade School, High School or College with the belief that you can take the middle ground on a True/False test!

If those reporters had properly learned the grammatical function of question marks and exclamation points HALF of them would not have found careers in journalism and our economy would be more true and sustainable.

When examining the statements of politician they are either a liar or are being truthful.   The liars usually didn't say anything because they knew that there were Journalists in this world that could readily expose them.

A reporter needs to be able to recognize a lie from a truth and a liar from an honest person.  The job of the Journalist is not to assign a degree of guilt for the lie but expose the lie for what it is and the motivation behind the lie.  Your story in your journal should be, "What was that motivation for the lie?"  Not a statement that gives a liar a passing score?

How nice to be able to write a column in the paper that does not serve to root out a liar.  On a truth meter one lie means a failing reading!  If you understood the nature of scientific instrumentation you would have no doubt as to the reason that is true.  The gas company comes by your house and uses a meter to find out where a natural gas leak is.  The Milwaukee Journal steps in and indoctrinates us with an opinion about the lie and your house blows up because the meter reader read the gas meter like the Milwaukee Journal wants you to read its truth meter.

What are they getting at?  That Politicians and Journalists can not help it if they lie so they do not have to conform to the same standards one would need to pass a test in grade school?

I think you would make more money if you wrote with exclamation points and question marks?

Here is a start, "Why would anyone say or write something like that?"  That would form a more true basis in Journalism.  The next question you ask yourself is, "Who should hire anyone who would say or write something untruthful?"  The next question is, "What are the best jobs in the land of the free for those who write and say things that are untrue?"

The good son of the good parents does not make it through school by lying!  And economies are not sustained by lies!  So the next question the Milwaukee Journal reporters have to ask themselves is what lies exist in our society today that do not sustain our economy or democracy.

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PS.  I have to ask, "Will the Milwaukee Journal one day end up calling itself the Waukesha Journal?"

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