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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Guns sold at Gun Shows 03 24 2013

Guns Sold at Gun Shows 03 24 2013

What if a person needed to hand the seller a piece of paper that he filled out online of some kind.  Or what if the permitting process was changed to where one applied for a permit for a long gun or a firearm online well in advance of buying one at a gun show.  Then they would be issued a permit to buy a gun at a gun show.  They would receive a receipt from the Gun show seller.  They would mail this back to the office that issues permits.  And the gun seller would mail his portion that the buyer rendered to the office that issues permits.  The office would match the two together and that would be that.  The person buying the gun would have to fill out the background check online.  And enter verifiable data.  This system could or could not be broadened to traditional sellers.

The Gun seller at the show would be required to verify the permit by asking for an ID.  You know what else could happen.  The gun seller would be required to have an Internet link whereby he could immediately validate that the permit is valid.  He would not be able to search for others.  He would be required to obtain a validation CODE from the website.  To do so he would have to enter his Firearms dealer number and his name.  

The permit could expire after one year and have to be reissued for $5.

And maybe you don't even get in the door of the gun show if you cannot obtain the permit?

It is a start to address the issue of guns falling into the hands of repeat criminals and crime gangs.

Once the two pieces of ownership are matched up at the office the gun owner might even be sent a little card saying he lawfully owns a gun bought at a gun show?  It might help him some way in the future?  It terms of transferring the rights if he wants to sell it or something; just something to have?

And maybe he can indeed by issued permits for five guns, A Rifle, Shotgun, Muzzle Loader and two handguns?  So that the law is not defeated as being cumbersome and unprofitable to the gun seller.

The law is there in place for a reason.  Therefore there should not be a loophole that defeats the initial reason the law is in place.  I mean most of us who would buy a gun at a traditional store are not the criminals so why should it be made easy for a criminal.  And if a criminal can't get a gun than a criminal can't get a gun, that is the law.

And if there are people who go to gun shows that just like to trade guns then they might freely apply for a permit to sell their gun in advance so there is no funny business in the parking lot.

Now that sounds like a more respectable way to run a gun show, and it does not seem like it would be to cumbersome to the trade and sale process.  Or take too much time away from it.  Those guys like to talk history and features too.

To make the system foul proof it would have to be separate from traditional sales.

If he murdered his wife or son then he should not be able to murder any more?

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I actually believe the gun violence problem comes from the influence of alcohol and drugs and our propaghandized, profitable and ever so popular television culture.  So how about to fund the program all violent movies that have grossed a certain amount are taxed?  As for the Alcohol we need prohibition fast.  No criminal can ever be considered safely reformed when alcohol is legal; it can't be done.


I have problems with the current gun laws; and indeed I am not certain with the exact wording to some of these issues.

1. Some people who live in Bear country would seem to not be able to live in Bear country without a gun, regardless of circumstance.

2.  If the crime that the person committed was a felony but they did not use a weapon, or well you know, there are different types of felonies and maybe a white collar criminal might need to protect themselves with a gun? 

3. Just because someone is involuntarily committed does not mean that they should not be able to have a gun in my opinion.  In this modern age of technology people can be remotely influenced through active denial systems, synthetic telepathy, electromagnetic radiation, scalar waves and psycho-energetic weapons.  So that it is not a good determination.  I also believe that Schizophrenia is the greatest medical fraud ever.  So I would indeed hate to see people who are 13 times more likely to be victims of violence than perpetrators of it not be able to protect themselves.  The mentally ill have property to protect.  And believe it or not there was a time in the history of the United States where one German Psychiatrist of the Eugenics movement was advocating that all schizophrenics and every member of their family be sterilized.  That is indeed the movement of the fascist satanic mind.  This country was founded on a belief diametrically apposed to that.

4. A soldier risks his life in war to save his country and then is not allowed to have one?  That doesn't make sense to me.

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