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Monday, March 18, 2013

On Immigration 03 18 2013

On Immigration 03 18 2013

Anyone caught or found guilty of hiring an illegal immigrant in the United States will have all of their household possessions placed on a flatbed train headed for Mexico.  You can pick a mile marker and get off with your belongings.  You may convert any monetary assets you have to the Mexican currency when you cross the border.  As you may well know your house will no longer be yours in the United States.  You may take your friends and workers with you. 

This will indeed put a giant dent in the nations drug problem.

Of course once you get to Mexico you can indeed seek to create a government like we have in the United States.  You may even take guns with you to help facilitate it.  If you use them to try and cross the border you will be decimated with extreme prejudice.  We already know that you are a useless cheat and you know it too but let's pretend that it isn't true for your sake.

The climate is nice in Mexico!  Who knows you may end up forming a better society than we have in the United States!  If you are successful people might even want to immigrate from the U.S. to Mexico!

Which gets me to the next point.  Argentina is the Country the new Pope is from.  It is said to have a great Italian Immigration.  As you know Italy sided with Nazi Germany in WWII.  It makes you wonder if Adolf Hitler found refuge in Argentina?  But not only that, we know that drug trafficking was started by the Italian Mafia in the United States.  They also defeated Prohibition in the U.S.

Which leads me to ask the question, Is a criminal faction based in Argentina pulling the strings and controlling the drug trade into the United States?

That Axis side seems to have a problem with fair competition and the beauty of the human soul.  And they drew all of their inspiration from the United States Eugenics and Psychiatry movement.  In a word they are Bottlemutts.  They have a Mean Case of Adaptive Mental Retardation related to Roman Italian Wine, German Beer and Affluent Hard Liquor.

Here is how they think: Play and Purchase track number: 11 on "That Tom"  to get the full benefit.

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