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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Suggestion for Microsoft 03 14 2013

Bill Gates Next Challenge

Logistics Calendar Data. Event Logistics versus repetitive logistics.

The Internet should be able to present logistics calendar data in box format whereby, the boxes have labels that are understood and recognized by file transfer protocol.

A "When" box. Would include the day and time of the even (with possible annotation to the time zone.

A "Where" box. Would include the exact location. Also a picture of the building that one is to go to with the door they are to enter in would be nice.

A "Requirements" Would include fees, prerequisite, tickets needed, a number to call for tickets needed,

Background: In order to attend events that one is interested in it would be very easy to grab that data from the Internet and save it to a calendar format. Many times we see an event that we would like to go to but forget to write it down. We also do not want to waste an entire 8.5"x11" piece of paper on it.

One can readily turn on their computer and read all of the event logistics that are coming up just by clicking on one file icon titled current event logistics. It would be current for two weeks or an entire month.

Also a file management system that compares file contents: meaning a code related to the file that compares for actual difference. It might even be able to quickly articulate to the user what the actual file difference is. That would be a new one wouldn't it? To test the true intellect of Microsoft by requiring all user created files to quickly articulate the meaningful difference, if any, between two similar files. That would mean that every software maker would have to introduce such a file management system tag. One needs to sit back with confidence with regard to the important and relevant issues and Auto Manage delete exact duplicates with regard to the content. This indeed means a literary understanding with regard to what might be considered important contents in Microsoft Word.

Bill Gates will always be synonymous with Microsoft Operations in my mind.

Part II  (Adding a little more detail to the latter concept.)

Suggestion for Microsoft 03 14 2013

The file comparison and search system in Microsoft's Operating system needs to be greatly improved. File management does indeed consume energy in the United States therefore exact duplications should be limited in the system.

As part of the file system a subroutine that identifies exact duplications should be coded into the system cleanup.

This system would likely require file tags from the manufactures of specific software that identifies whether a file has changed instead of if it was just opened and looked at.

And indeed various types of software used and the products that come from them are compared differently to the previous versions of the files.

The problem often occurs when one backs up a system as the user does not want to delete unique files and yet the notification of the comparison does not give you prima fascia evidence of whether you are or not. The conservative approach is always to keep a copy of both files for fear of losing the good one; but this often leads to the duplicates.

It cannot just be a newer one that one saves.

And also when one compares the bytes of one file to a prior file one does not get a clear indication whether the actual contents of the file or the meat of it have changed.

What would indeed be very helpful is a predecessor file system. Whereby one runs the disk cleanup and it notifies what files are predecessor to the latest version. The file system; for example in word- would compare the text in the document, excluding the header and footer to see if the text was a carbon copy. Bang two files with text the same and formatted as a carbon copy one knows it can delete the prior.

So indeed the file system might be termed Carbon Copy management.

Another example would be with regard to photographs stored on a computer. Often one would have to spend a lot of time discerning which is the best photograph in terms of time consuming edits made on it. I like to always save the original. Some people like to go through and delete what they do not like right away. This does not work for me. For example I have a picture of a Green Heron that I took on the Menominee River, I did not even see the Green Heron in the picture until I reviewed the digital photograph again 6 months later.

The File management system for someone who has a large amount of files on the Microsoft Operating system stops working when one tries to back them up. You just cannot transfer all those files because every PC you try to do it on Tilts for lack of memory. This issue along with the duplicate file issue makes properly backing up files nearly impossible.

And what happens when you run out of space on one backup drive or re backup? You end up with 7 copies of the same file and a PC that tilts.

In summary this makes the actual functionality of the operating system very inefficient.

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