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Monday, March 11, 2013

Why We Saved General Motors 03 11 2013

Why We Saved General Motors 03 11 2013

Or why we bailed out the U.S automakers.

A highly popular author made the comment about the only time when it is Constitutional to bail out a Corporation.  His criteria: Does it compromise national security! (if it fails)

No! That is not the proper reason in today’s ugly new U.S. world.

Mine is: What was the cause of the Car companies failing.  Did Capitalism defeat GM?  Meaningful and substantial.  We have two nice American Cars.  A GM and a Ford and we are ones who are very proud to drive them!  We are not round eyed Americans who seek to impress others by buying German Cars.  The U.S. very well had the option to nuke Germany at the same time we did Japan!  The U.S. never really conquered Nazi Germany because one horrific part movement started right here in the United States and continues to this day.

No other country had the engineering capability that we did in the United States!  I will not get into specific detail as why we do not have that capability anymore today.  But you can think of it like gypsies going to engineering school and ransacking the minds of true engineers.  It is the law of diminished returns and diminished general knowledge.  A thief only takes what it can render and eat in the short term as it desecrates pray.  It does not care what that mind could bring to everyone in the future.  It does not want to recognize that fact of life.

 Why change from producing American cars to not?  To wipe out proud American history?

Workers like to work!  And proud workers like to build and drive GM and Ford American cars.

Whose fault was it those companies entered into bankruptcy?  Not the workers!  Not the Americans who like American cars.  It was faulted Capitalism’s fault.  I won’t go directly into how it needs to change at this point because I have to type what I wrote about the archetype of someone that doesn’t like to work nor believes that they should have to:

Nobody wants to work for or with that male that has the mind of a female or beast.  Nobody trusts working in a miniature corporate form of monarchy when that male that has the mind of a female or beast thrives at the expense of everyone else and then the country as a whole.

An honest American believes that a male that has the mind of a female or beast does not belong here.

Honest Americans know that the male that has the mind of a female or beast does not like to work and yet while not being more intelligent still believes it is superior to others- likely because it is of the womb of or currently with an evil woman!  Anyone who has ever worked alongside you knows that you don’t believe in work!  You’re more like a gypsy looking to know someone over the head!

The tribute to the American Worker:

An honest American does not believe that greater pollution and using any means to bring more means to the accounting statement is relevant to work or the nature of working.

An honest American can easily compare himself to others who believe in work and know if they are competent or not!

An honest American does not seek to subjectively control or deny the works of good men!

And here is the tell all- an honest American man does not PREVENT, that is right, does not PREVENT those who have more talent than themselves from being successful! Get it Pepe?


The U.S. and Mexico.

The U.S. fought and conquered Mexico many times.  Whenever we fought and beat a foreign country we always gave it back to them.  Why the U.S. always give back the countries that they concurred to the citizens of those countries?


1.       We were not an Imperialist expansion country.

2.       We were setting an example with regard to what freedom means for the rest of the world every time!  We were leading by example.

3.       We had no desire to manage those people who had the lesser mind to wage war against a nation of the free!


So with regard to number 3 above if we keep giving your countries back to you after we concur you and you continue to attack us and degrade our country what are we to do except roll through and destroy?


The U.S. beat Japan and we gave it back.  Now we find out that they are not even responsible enough to use the nuclear energy technology we gave them!

The U.S. concurred Germany.  We gave it back and they filled our country with chemicals we didn’t need.

The U.S. concurred China and they seek to undermine us with unfair trade today!


The nature of the U.S. was Self Reliance!  That is the belief that we were founded on!  That is far different than the mind of declared former communist living in the United States.

What is Russia?  Former Slavic’s?  And Slavic is the original word for slave.  Why did the word Slave come from them?  If a group of people only seeks to see through the eyes of the people as a matter of life what else are you supposed to do about them except make slaves of them to deny them the ability to commit that crime?  The Muslims had more Slavic slaves than any slave owners in the history of the world.  And indeed what they figured out in Russia was instead of making them slaves the proper structure of Government for them was the organized prison of Communism.  China indeed figured out the same thing with regard to the Chinese population!

Who are Slavic today?  Russians, Ukrainians, Romanians, Polish and yes by their own definition Italians, and also by their own religious definition- SIKH’s.  Sandusky is a typical Slavic name.  By their own defined criminal behavior as adults the Chinese.  And also the Mexicans who were not strong enough to fight for themselves and their own rights in Mexico.  Yes, I do think of them as they are stereotyped in Western movies as the bandits who arrive to steal the crops of the hardworking, to steal the fruits of the seeds sewed by the hardworking- if you want to claim you are Catholic!  That is what the God Jesus Christ would say about you and all your gangs and drugs brought up into the United States.  He would call every one of you a coward too.

And the Slavic nature has not changed in spite of becoming citizens of the U.S.  Those that are citizens of the U.S. do not believe in nor understand what it means to be an American.  To them freedom means a welfare state of easy money to be passed around like silver received from the sale of Jesus Christ and complete siesta of their minds.

Like the cat that nobody can stand you are lured to the people that cannot stand you- as if you believe that once people are allowed to show affection to you everyone will like you!  Not here!

You believe, “If there were only a way I could let them show their affection to me they would like me!”  We are not the parents that spoiled you and nor should we have to be the adults that have to put up with you!  You might have had the talent to impress your parents and those of your religion bug the reality is you don’t have the talent to impress us or contribute to the greater good of our society.


Do you want to know what happened to the value of everything in the United States post WWII?  One phrase, “If you are the citizen of someone else’s soul your money is not worth as much as that Citizen’s is!”  Do you see how that works?  You declared yourselves to be unequal and yet you use the same currency as everyone else?  How did you declare yourself to be unequal?  By defining some of us to have minds that are comprised of many of you!  Schizo indeed means split!!!!!

You split minds because you were unequal and yet you believe your money is worth as much as those of the minds you took!  Do you see where you are taking us?  A country of no minds and sleeping fat pigs!  Sleeping fat pigs cannot lead and eventually lead to all of us being concurred!

Sorry that all my thinking and writing is ruining your life time siesta!  That is your belief as well as mine.  So we do agree on something.

The U.S. also conquered Italy in WWII!  Yes we did!

Italians, you have time and again defined yourself to be criminal minded.  You have popularized the idea of crime families in the United States since the end of prohibition like it is something everyone is to accept!  You want everyone to believe that you cannot change and we have to accept your criminal behavior.  There are some Italian Americans who have stated that all Italian Americans are related.  What does that mean?  It means that you are all of that same criminal mind.  And the criminal mind is one that cannot compete on fair terms with the minds of men!  You have defined yourself to be that!


The hard working U.S. Citizen saved every Jew on the planet and how did they contribute to the U.S.?  By leading us away from democracy and on the path to Socialism!  How did they thank us?  By stealing the souls of the good son’s and labeling them schizophrenic?   Once we are Socialist who will save us?

Barrack never worked a hard day in his life.  His idea of work was to create a welfare state for nonworking blacks that transforms us into Socialism?  His idea of work is to mock the American Soul as was also George Bush’s!  His idea of work is to stir up trouble with blacks in Chicago so that instead of seeking to work or start businesses themselves all they do is drive around and shoot guns?  Yes you can take away the Guns of a lot of Americans if you can prove that they are indeed not citizens of America but instead citizens of the souls of Americans!  A citizen of the soul of an American can indeed be considered a foreign enemy or invader?
We bailed them out the Automobile companies because we knew it wasn't the American workers fault they went bankrupt.  It was admission of flawed Capitalism as the influence of micro monarchies as the Corporate structure of the U.S. We bailed them out because we believe in the former greatness of the United States and not the degraded nation of today!
We bailed them out only to also bail out the major banks of the United States.  And have they been fraudulent and hence should lose their ability to lend because they didn't know how to?  The $60 billion in fines that they have paid is prima fascia evidence of this.

And Barrack if you are reading this just pretend that when your name is mentioned that it is really someone else and not you that is being criticized.  You fit right in with general American Reading Aptitude that way.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy

Originally published on 03 11 2013 at:

PS. And I do believe that all of my writing should be required reading of every employee of First Analysis Corporation.


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