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Thursday, March 7, 2013



Are cell phones being modified to put out an waveform that can give a woman breast cancer?

One in three women are developing breast cancer today.

I have no doubt in my mind that some cell phones have been modified to do this.

The next question becomes;  Can you receive a cell phone call and also the cancer causing wave at the same time?  I believe that is being done and is true.  Can your own cell phone be modified so that it gives you cancer?  I believe this is being done and is true too.

Is there not one investigative reporter that wants to see who is dying of breast cancer and why?  What race are they?  What nationality they are?  What they have complained about?  Good Lord we need to nationalize our Hospital system in order to keep those incompetant in the medical practice prevented from killing all of us!  You will never here what people die from because they don't care!  Why not?  Because whenever they find out one single piece of evidence it means that they commited malpractice.  What does that mean?  They should have never been Doctors in the first place.  That is not an altruistic profession today it is a death industry!  Have we completely lost the ability to do competent autopsies and blood analysis for chemical concentrations?  What kind of dim witt land are we living in today?

So who would do this to people?

Is it the step down race?  The race that is one step down from what we consider normal.

To what end would you do this to the rest of us?  So that you can die from liability of your own making not soon after?

Do you not understand the meaning of the story of Cain and Able from the Bible?

Cain thought he was very smart.  He was so smart he killed his brother.  (He was marked. Was he indeed marked like Rabi's marked Golems on the forehead?)  Cain was so smart that he thought he could build his own things and create on his own.  The house that Cain built fell in on himself.


On a side note.  Do you believe that you can beat an army that comes from a country whose motto is Self Reliance?  I am talking about North Korea.  And do you believe that China who has been an ally of North Korea will not back North Korea if War breaks out?  How dumb are you?

You can't beat an army of Self Reliance because most of you are dependent minded.  Who are you trying to kid?

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