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Monday, March 25, 2013

I look at a picture of Developmentally Disabled Adults Dance

I look at a picture of Developmentally Disabled Adults Dance

I look at a picture of Developmentally Disabled Adults Dance and I want to ask my neighbors why they weren't in the picture?

There is an underground economy in Milwaukee that makes $80,000.00  a year for every one of these developmentally disabled persons that they take care of!

Do you know that they have modified FM radio transmitters to torture the souls of good sons from them in order to teach these people?  Colonel John Alexander of the United States military first told us of the existence of Synthetic telepathy in 1991.  And that does indeed mean the use of radio type equipment to drive people insane with.  Why do they do it this way?  Because their is no other way to handle them.

The office to the special education system of Milwaukee is two doors down from my house.  And there is a snot mouthed baby sitter who works nearby who works in special education.  I have been confronted in public by adults who are receiving $80,000 a year for taking care of these children.   What do they want me to do?  To go home.

They figured out how to make a gold mine out of that $80,000. a year.  And who are those developmentally disabled kids?  They are the children of wealthy alcohol users and abusers!

I first realized this many summers ago when they were having a picnic on regular weekdays in Cahill Park across the street from where I live.

Schizophrenia is the greatest medical fraud in the history of the world.  It is perpetrated by Jews who are not Jews.

The saying, "No Genius is free from the teachings of madness."  Is not true in that it implies that in order to be a genius you have to be driven mad.  Just the opposite is true, every attempt is made to drive the geniuses mad in our society in order to discredit them, they would have been a genius without the teachings of madness.  And geniuses should be free from the teachings of madness in the land of the free!

There is a great problem in our society that creates people like that and it is never addressed!  Why not?  Is it a matter of religion?  And more importantly if a satanic minded person were to adopt a normal baby what else could they do but teach it how to think like an annoying retard?  If you don't have your own human  soul how can you be allowed to adopt children?

There are $46 million Americans who are on foodstamp's and gold mine faction of our society isn't one of them.

What is the purpose of the Developmentally Disabled Adult dance?  So that the Developmentally Disabled can get married and have children that they can't raise themselves with funds from the state?  That is how a country runs out of money fast!

It is absolutely ridiculous!

Do you know what type of economy we have today in the United States?  It is the Bartenders Daughter Economy!

I'll give you a hint.  The first generation of developmentally disabled have very strong intellects and verbal ability.  The second generation no longer looks like a normal human being; their facial features are quite different.  The third generation?  The third generation cannot exist on its own nor can the second.  It is questionable whether the first actually could either.  If they could there would not be those of us who have higher IQ's that are made to hear the voice of the beast in our heads!

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Correction: The first generation of developmentally disabled often have beady eye's and mean personalities.  We could call them type A's.  And type A's are known to have psychotic personality features and do very well in the mini monarchy corporate environment of limited liability.  The first generations of developmentally disabled in the United States were very quick to grant themselves the business structure of limited liability.  Why?  Because there is no other way the beast can compete in the United States and prosper if it has to respect the rights of real people!

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