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Friday, March 15, 2013

Israel Leadership 03 15 2013

It is either Netanyahu or the other guy.  It does not say much for the pool of talent in Israel!!!  Granted in the U.S. the shifting terms of leadership has not been the greatest over the last 50 years but at least the different leadership here helps to expose where the problems are!   Isn't there some fresh leadership over there?  Isn't there a younger person that believes in the rights of other peoples as much as his own and respects them and seeks peace?  The Western point of view is that the leadership is seclusionist fight mongers?  One can be tough minded, lead through integrity and still be peaceful and respectful.  In the U.S. we would believe that same leadership promotes an agenda that does not represent a true democracy.  And I know what you are thinking; if you bring in new talent you will be stepped on.  And that is a true principle too; but it is the challenge to overcome for a future world of peace.
Israel leadership is like a father not wanting to hand the reins of a family business to a son because he knows the son is a screw up.

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