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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Newspaper Review 03 05 2013 Issue

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Newspaper Review 03 05 2013 Issue

I would comment directly on the JSONLINE website but I find I am unable to.

Format: Article Title followed by colon followed by my commentary.

Bid for Guernsey on Table:  Who would buy a dairy only to shut its doors?  That would seem to violate fair trade.  That is an anticompetitive policy and it was to the detriment of Wisconsin.  What business person or group benefitted from this?

Strattec  Reviews for Future:

That is an excellent idea.  Just the other day when I was making a set of custom boxes and being driven from my mind I thought it would be nice to have a larger selection locks, handles and clasps. 

Swallow Secures $1 million:

This got me thinking as to one of the symptoms of Schizophrenia being increased thirst.  The reason for this is that there is a Satanic Beast targeting your head from a through wall distance with a microwave weapon.

Stealth Business Tax Breaks Questioned:

This is the best article that I have read in some time!!!!  Tax Free money that should have been raised for schools, roads and bridges was instead spent on a luxury car museum, A building for a private bank, Office towers for Goldman Sachs and Bank of America, A golf resort in Puerto Rico and a Winery in North Carolina?  So what we are learning from this is that none of these businesses can profitably sustain themselves in a competitive market or the would not have crowded out the funding process for public infrastructure?

White House support’s  unlocking; of smartphones:

It is about time!!!!!

Women’s Death Rates Rise in North:

“Female death rates before age 75 actually rose 43% from 1992 to 2006.”

This can only be due to bad men abounding!  And where do they come from?  Bad parents.  Interesting enough if you had a Hispanic background you did not experience the higher mortality rate.  Where do Mexicans come from?  The equator where there is more solar radiation.  What do we have in the U.S.  Wi Fi is Microwave based internet.  Cell phones are microwaves to.   They are all forms of radiation.  The Hispanic population would appear to have built up an increased resistance to it from the sun closer to the earth environment.  Goodbye pale faced Adrian!

What did they used to put in Cigarettes and still do?  All sorts of Chemicals.  We might not be able to get cigarettes banned but we can say that they are only allowed to be pure tobacco as an initial step.  Do members of the FDA fear for their lives or that their children will be sexually molested by the beast?  I ask.

33% of women will develop breast cancer! 

Tar and arsenic?

That Cigarette has to be a form of Eugenics!   Where else do these mongoloid children with the pale white faces and round eyes come from?  What the mainstream media will NEVER EVER EVER TELL YOU, is that any time a fetus or conception is in the presence of Chemicals like this you have created what can be termed a STEP DOWN SPECIES!  Jesus Christ was the first person to raise cane about the Stepped Down Species!  Why won’t you hear about it?  Because misery loves company and there is safety in numbers.  Congratulations!  Let’s see if pro business Republicans can figure out what happens when there are very few women left?  We already know what their answer is, “If you rape a woman she has to have the child!”

In order to resolve the death of white Americans, (And Jews this is you too), Anyone who has a concentration of those chemicals in their bones and liver should not be able to have children.  Here is how the argument plays out.

“Would you like a smoked child?”

“No I wouldn’t.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a White Power Movement started by the Jews!  I am usually fairly accurate with my futurist predictions.

I wouldn’t doubt that some of these women are having their life’s energy stolen from them via the use of psycho-energetic weaponry before they die!  I look around the State today and I do not see one woman that I would consider marrying!  They are all odd!

“Honey I would like to take my son fishing this morning?”

“Sorry Tom, I am taking him to the Stone Hedge Franchise to witness a human sacrifice.”

Instead of Modest Tax Cut Walker Should Save Surplus:

Here is a strategy that the American People never woke up to and caught onto. “ Offering tax cuts for the rich is buying an election!  It is using Government funds to fund your own election.”

Every politician that ever used this strategy should be discredited!  And not only that it is a conflict of interest in a democracy for the people and of the people.  And if it is a conflict of interest it is counter to the Constitution of the United States.   I would even go so far as putting for an ex post facto law to seize all of the personal property of any citizen or politician involved in this scheme.
Okay so I read some of the local paper this morning and commented on it.  To watch the television is much worse you have to suffer fools gladly when you do.  What is television news commentary?  People without insight commenting on the actions and problems created by people without insight!

Woman Dies; nurse stands by:

Not only should that nurse lose her nursing license but she should never be allowed to enter a medical care facility again.  That hospital should also lose its license and every doctor there should too.  Not only that the lawyers who crafted that health care policy should be disbarred from practicing law ever again.

Bush on Immigration:
Of course he is going to go light on immigration policy!  He brother let all of in the country in the first place!  For those of you who don’t know the geography  of The United States, Texas and Mexico.  And who was Governor of Texas and then President.  And indeed who was Governor of Florida.  Both Florida and Texas are where illegal immigrants enter the country.  If I was a hard working and legitimate Hispanic American whose neighborhood became low lifed I would be up in Arms against George and Jeb Bush.  The other day on the news they mentioned the Bush dynasty.  The way they created a dynasty is by making problems for everyone else!

Charges Upgraded In Band Hazing Death:

It is about time.  Not only that any fraternity that participated should lose its national charter.  All national members of that fraternity should be indentified in a public record.  We will want to know who these people are; just like I don’t want a child molester living in my neighborhood or country!  Who hazes a person?  A member of the Step Down Species!

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