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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

World Security 03 06 2013

World Security 03 06 2013

The main threat to world security is indeed nuclear material.

That includes nuclear missiles in underground silo's.

Radioactive material and nuclear plants.

Radioactive powered submarines.

Radioactive material used in industry.

All of this must be collected and stored in one safe place above ground where it never has the chance of polluting the water supply like in Wisconsin, Washington and Japan.

The greatest threat to "people" is indeed a radioactive world water supply.

The world economy could quickly nose dive and that nuclear material would be left unattended and kill every living person on earth as it pollutes the water supply.

The best way to do this is to borrow the Chinese technology to derive energy from all radioactive material until it is no longer radioactive.  But that indeed means a better energy grid and also a single energy plant that cannot leak.   And that requires responsible thinking that you do not have the capability of or the recognition for.

All that has been important to you is deriving and extracting what is related to more profit.  And therefore we have been devoid of responsible policies.

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