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Thursday, March 14, 2013

The People's Republic of China 03 14 2013

The People's Republic of China 03 14 2013

So the government overbuilt.  Essentially they committed fraud and did not have the residents to fill all the buildings that they constructed.  What happens next?  To they sit until they are no good and have to be torn down?  It doesn't take too long to happen.  Or because it is the People's Republic of China do you let the people live there?  These people have chickens and livestock so you have to make sure they are not allowed to be brought in.  And they also must have the proper cleaning standards.  What we find in public housing in the U.S. is that people who live their do not have those standards.  And oddly enough those cleaning skills are never taught on television!!!!!  Important household cleaning skills are never taught on television in the United States!  There is a market for a Chinese television program that might even do well in the United States!

Because you have called yourself the People's Republic those apartment buildings belong to the people.  Unless of course you were expected an inwave of eviction people from the United States!  I am all for that too!  You can ever 9 drink fully grown baby from Milwaukee tomorrow!

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