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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Definition of Terms 02 05 2013

Definition of Terms 02 05 2013

1.      Delusion: A belief that can be proven false.

2.      Fraud: Promoting a false belief in order to obtain or gain others money.

Bernie Madoff took $50 billion out of the American Economy through the use of Fraud.

That $50 billion could have sank the American Economy into a “Greater” Depression.

What did Bernie do?  By definition he created a delusion in the minds of the public.

As of this date I have not heard one member of his religion, and his religion was initially a form of societal government, speak against him?

Are we to believe the beliefs of religions, which were initially forms of government, should supersede the Government and Constitution of the United States?

We really only need one Government in the United States.

And indeed because we believe in equality all of the legitimate needs of the people of the United States should be able to clearly be articulated and expressed and addressed by a Government that believes in equality.

The Constitution of the United States should supersede all religion.  The Constitution of the United States can be considered a defacto religious document.

Are we to believe that members of the Jewish religion in the United States had no problem with an action by one member of their religion that almost bankrupted the country into and economic depression?

In an “greater” economic depression many people die of starvation.  So indeed fraudulent actions or creating and promoting false beliefs are indeed the means of genocide!

I am going to spell out the logic array a little better.  No Jew was outspoken about the potential creation of genocide in the United States!  The appropriate level of vehemency in response would have made the news!!! Or should have???

Are Americans to believe that doctrines of the Jewish religion are a better form of Government that the one the United States has fought for time and again with the blood of our sons and families?

Counterpoint: Christianity itself may be considered a transition from Roman self appointed and term God Governments.  And it was appropriate at the time to have the rise of that religion in order to defeat the inhuman barbarism.

So what happens when a modern religion or its agents commits acts of horror?  At the very least they should lose tax exempt charitable status.

But more importantly members of a disgruntled religion ought to be able to articulate concerns that are not addressed by government.  And what if the people of even just one person can prove that those concerns amount to delusion?  What if concerns can readily be proven to be the promotion of delusion and resultant fraud?  In other words; don’t express invalid concerns if fraud can be proven?

If you want to perpetrate either fraud or have a form of religious tenets supersede the soundest form of Government based on freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness maybe you don’t belong in the United States?  Or maybe there is a concern with regard to an inequality based, fostered or supported by religion or occult that needs to be addressed in an open debate public hearing?

If you were raised to be dependent minded and resent it as an adult????

Indeed priest behavior would have been thought to be relayed in a confessional and therefore remedial action, including ex-communication warranted.

So how do we address mismanaged Government and or Religion?

How do we address a Government that becomes populated to majority of those of the belief of a different form of Government- meaning religion?

In summary the United States has never stood for or fought for beliefs that can and should be proven false and nor does it fight FOR fraud.  Maybe I am wrong already with that last sentence upon reflection of events from recent history?  But do you agree that is a valid belief?

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What is my problem?  I know that Schizophrenia is the greatest medical fraud in the history of the world.  And I do indeed fight for Jews who have it too!



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