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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Barrack Obama’s Campaign Money 02 12 2013

Barrack Obama’s Campaign Money 02 12 2013

Did it dome from Russia or recent immigrants from Russia?  If he never has to tell anyone how do we know it didn’t?  And what could it imply for the fate of the United States if it did?

The U.S. was the country that abolished slavery and its communist form of leadership.  Slaves basically all lived in communes?  The root word of communism.  Communism is a subjective class structure.

Which gets me to the next very disturbing question,  “Have Russian souls been psychoenergized with those of United States citizens?”  I don’t have to ask I already know that it is true.  Psycho-energetics is a high technology term used to describe the ability to transfer the soul of one person into another.

Who would do this?  If you were a criminal and wanted to look like a legitimate public figure you would need to do this.  Why?  Because by definition the criminal mind does have a human soul that can listen and learn for itself- it learns everything in life like a rotten apple monkey thief does.

Chicago was indeed the crime center of the Mafia in the United States.  And we know that Senators seats, such as the one Barrack Obama had, have been outright bought and sold in Chicago.

Which gets one to the next Holy Grail of questions.  Was Barrack Obama’s own soul psychoenergized with that of someone else?

Psychoenergization of the human soul from one human being to another entity does not last and those who have pyschoenergized souls end up degrading back into psychoticism! And what happens when they do?  I’ll give you a clue, “You are going to have to defend yourself!”

With regard to the lack of proper Government oversight regarding this, here is how you should have know it wasn’t a good thing-  you can’t steal the smile from one person and give it to another.  The person that you try give it to sneers instead of smiling for entirely different and opposite reasons and always will. The psychoenergized person never attains the true happiness of the one that had their soul psychoenergized from them because it isn’t a true transfer but more of the likes of only enjoying learning because learning was a matter of theft.  Do you see how this creates a power structure of diminished knowledge that is the equivalent an Ponzie scheme educational system whereby knowledge and memory is based not on human values from experience but human memories that will be ephemeral are result in lost arts?

If one person in the scheme, that we will term him the non-volunteering doner, were to die, would those who were psychoenergized pose a threat to United States Citizens, like criminals who should have been in jail or mindless zombies?  The paragraph that preceded this one tells you that is happening already.

You are going to need Government based Special Operations to “erase” either the one who soul was pschoenergized from him or those who were psychoenergized.  The one never will pose a legitimate threat to you and you know that!   But because of psychoenergetic degradation you will not be able to make the right choice.

And if you marry someone who degrades into their original psychotic state are you criminally liable to the same degree if you kill them in self defense of violence?  I would have to believe the perpetrators of the Ponzie scheme of human knowledge should be and will be liable.

Whoever supported and conducted what amounts to a Eugenics movement that created a mean case of an adaptive form of mental retardation (MCAMR) that is subject to degradation and result and acts of violent aggression and inciting such acts would be.  Our Constitution protects us from those who create civil unrest and that is exactly what this qualifies as.


There has never been any conclusive proof that schizophrenia is a biological brain disorder.  And many in the medical community know that it is an outright medical fraud.  Do you know what happens to them?  Many of them are discrediting and lose their positions for even mentioning it.  We need to gather together and form a protest.

For every victim of what is termed schizophrenia that is created in this form of psychoenergetics experiment there are hundreds and sometimes thousands or more that are subject to pscyhoenergetic degradation and resultant acts of aggression against actual human beings.

This is why the mentally ill or rather those labeled schizophrenic in particular are 13 times more likely to be a victim of violence.  And when they are murdered the real crime has been hidden.  They were indeed a victim of far more than two crimes.

You cannot capture the energy of what amounts to natural human soul conception and successfully direct it.  It amounts to an unnatural Semitism.

So if you are a psychoenergized MCAMR the best thing you could do for the human race would be to..!

And what are we indeed learning because of the legacy of the Roman Semite Eugenics program?  That indeed what we believe to be the standard of the human has indeed become a lot less intelligent.  It isn’t really true.  What is true is that actual human beings have become one percent of the population and the eugenically psychoenergized have become the norm.

Because of this every criminal case ever adjudicated by or defended or prosecuted by an MCAMR needs to be reopened.

Off topic: You might find it odd but I find a lot of similarity between the facial expressions of Terry Bradshaw and Charles Manson.

So you find out that you are really a Mean Case of Adaptive Mental Retard and what do you seek to do as a powerful member of one of the countries of the world?  Do you seek to use a high technology radio array based in Alaska called HARP to psychoenergize the entire population of the world?  There is one thing that you forgot to think about, what happens upon psychoenergetic degradation?  You can’t win and you never did win fairly.  You have indeed made the human race less intelligent.  Your worst enemy is that of your own loin and womb.  A psychoenergenicised person rapidly degrades into a primate that loathes human beings.

(Read my article titled Sampson of the Milwaukee County Zoo to understand what you will be faced with.)

So if indeed Barrack Obama’s money came from Russia we know for a fact that as part of human experiments regarding communism that they developed psychoenergetics.  As part of the organized crime element of Chicago that has a Russian brother to it one has to ask is Barrack Obama himself a psycho-energized person?


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