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Monday, February 4, 2013

The Satanic in Ukrainian and World History and Politics

The Satanic in Ukrainian and World History and Politics
What happened in Russia at one time?  They eliminated the small farmer by creating production quotas for them that they could not meet.  The small farmer went hungry and died of starvation while his crops were made part of a collective.  It is the same machination that occurred in Ireland and was orchestrated by the English Monarchy.
Then what happens next?  Did all of that crop production go into the production of alcohol?  And speaking of which when you think that Ireland had a potato crop and Vodka is the main drink of Russia do you make an evil connection between the two at that time.
I am going to go on record and state that those in power over a country often have lots of money and much idle minded time on their hands.  They are not forced to think of solutions to problems like the common good man does.  And what also happens? With all that extra time on their hands the resort to drinking alcohol as a form of recreation or social behavior.  Alcohol creates antisocial people at birth!  And what happens to an individual who was compromised by alcohol at conception and birth?  They become very jealous of those who were born of good parents and should be thought to rise up in society as a form of meritocracy should be present.  It does not happen because that beady eyed drunken baby becomes dependent minded to other people in the world.  I could define one form of the satanic as being Alcohol Influenced Conception Satanic and I would not be wrong. (AICS) for short.
So you are a wealthy Russian in power over your country and shouldn’t be because you are a second generation AICS what do you do?  You want everyone else to be like you right?  It is the old we were what the King wears otherwise we get beheaded by the King.  So what does the king do?  He develops a means of genocide whereby small farmers are given quotas that they cannot reach and they starve while the crops are confiscated.  And what does the King do with the confiscated crops?  He produces alcohol!  Why?  Because he cannot stand it that there are people that are smarter than himself and wants to poison them to his level.  To call it leveling would understate the nature of the crime.
And what becomes of the AICS?  They are easily manipulated and controlled because they feel that they have always had a familial history of being a lesser species.
I hate to harp on an ancient religion but.  What is a religion whereby you have to be in it for three generations or so before you can marry or whatever the rule is?  That is like Eddie trying to sell you a clunker car isn’t it.  Only you don’t realize you’ve been sold the used clunker until you are used to it.  And then how does such a person view other people in the world?  With animosity and resentment and the whole process repeats itself or gains support in a vicious circle.  It sounds like this, “Oh don’t you tell on me again.” Followed by another goon, “You go back on your medicine.”
I knew this happened in Ireland but I did not know or remember it happened in Russia until yesterday.  Stop and ask yourself who does this sort of thing?
Now the diversion of the grain supply also plays a great financial role in our society in the commodities market.  There should not be a commodities market.  If you think of it this way how would an AICS seek to maintain wealth?  They would need to create a system whereby they had to do very little of their own thinking or work in order to make lots of money.  That system revolves around the successful ability to make bets on future outcomes.  And I am not talking about the average Joe who wants their team to win and profit from it.  I am talking about an AICS.  You can think of an AICS as being about the same thing as a Druid.  And the English Druid’s divined the future by sticking a knife in someone and watching their face as they died.
Are there Druids and AICS in our world today?  It seems like that is all there is!
The modern way that a Druid divines the future has become the use of nonlethal weapons of harassment.  Harassment and sexual molestation by the not so divinely inspired Catholic Priests being supplanted by the use of this new technology of soul theft horror.  At the link you will see what one of these devices looks like.
And what are we told to believe in the United States as the reason for the disappearance of the small farmer?  Does it have something to do with the commodity trading firms and the genetically modified seed that they produce?  Do you know how quickly they could starve 95% of the world’s population to death?  Within one year just like what happened in Ireland and Russia.  They must like the sight of emaciated people.
I had a friend that I had great respect for and he ventured to be a commodity trader in Chicago.  He said that a man got on the steps above him in the trading floor and yelled so loud that he could not hear himself think.  If you look at this from a new world psychology perspective you realize from what you read in the Bible about Satan is that he/she (Collective noun) does not have their own soul.  They can read the minds of men!  The commodity markets are not fair because of the existence of Satan or AICS in them.  The whole world is not fair today because of the actions of AICS. 
That religious belief is right out of the Bible, it is not delusion, fantasy or an invalid reference of thought.
How many of you have played checkers with someone that throws the board and pieces when they lose?  In terms of today’s modern world do we call it the scorched earth policy?  I hope not, but it will happen if that element of unfairness is not recognized in our society and accounted for.
And I can’t make you admit what you are, you have to.  You would say that you hide your identity out of fear of persecution but that isn’t true.  You hide your identity because you have it very easy in the world and you don’t want to lose that and have to strive to think and work hard on your own.  You have a commitment to the world that you have to make and you know it.

The seed and grain supply of the United States has been monopolized right under our noses and no one noticed it.  That is illegal.  That is what the Fair Trade Commission is supposed to protect us from.

At the following link you will see a picture of what one of these nonlethal weapons of harassment devices looks like.

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