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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ryan Braun 02 07 2013

Ryan Braun

Does anyone believe Ryan Braun?

1.      Now we are to believe that his attorney had the great strategy of foresight that he consulted with the same doctor that administered steroids to more than a half dozen athletes?  We are to believe that was the reason for the nature of that relationship between Ryan Braun and that Doctor and nothing else?  Wake up Milwaukee, this is Eugenics is professional sports.  Oh and you think that you really have Jewish support for your Eugenics?  Think again, that movement was got over six million of them gassed.  One does not speak for the entirety of the rest.  Are we to believe that the relationship between Braun and the steroid doctor is only in response to the allegation and that it was an intelligent strategy by his attorney to consult with that doctor in legal defense of the scientific issues involved?  To me it reads like a child trying to restore a neo impressionist masterpiece painting.

2.       The original action against him and how he got off was that the person responsible for sending the sample to the lab aged the sample.  So we are to believe that testosterone grows by itself out of the testicles and in a vial of urine in some flunkies basement to be stronger than it was originally?  Everyone knows that the nature of testosterone is that it degrades- that is why people supplement with it in the first place!!!!  It, I believe the term is luteinizes and forms a female hormone that makes men bald.  (There might be other female hormones non-indigenous to the male metabolism that create male baldness too- think about that Mssr.  Cunnilingus only way to make your woman happy types.  The Bible condemns you!)  Who exactly is the quasi motto that we are supposed to believe represented the complete integrity of the national baseball league that was put in responsibility for the specimen.  This is called using a pigeon to commit a crime.  It is like the mafia paying some stranger to just walk down the street and deliver a suitcase to someone!  You can’t find him guilty because he didn’t know.  He wasn’t supposed to know!  It was his menial task to defeat the system!  And who is the commissioner of the league and what is his presence in Milwaukee?  You get it.

3.      So Jim Sensenbrenner vehemently defended Lance Armstrong in that steroid case.  Lance lost one testicle and had prostate cancer.  Jim acted like he knew every detail as if he were Lance Armstrong.  To my recollection lance is not from Wisconsin.  But we do indeed have many professional sports teams in Wisconsin that are subject to the rules and oversight and laws concerning steroid use.  And what is Jim Sensenbrenner’s job?  Doesn’t he work in the judicial area of our Government in Wisconsin?  What is my point?  He paved the way for non-reproach to the use of steroids by professional athletes in Wisconsin by his unwarranted stance and commentary that has been proven false to the point of a- Fraudulent Conveyance?  Okay so we have developed a nice tolerance for criminal politicians in the United States.  Okay I’ll calm down.  All right it is going to be okay.


4.      The best thing that could happen to Ryan Braun is that he is banned from professional sports for the complete rest of his life.  Why?  I have written this before, but you can see the effect the alleged steroids have had on his eyes!  They are bulging when he plays.  But they do not always bulge.  Am I the only single Milwaukeean that noticed this?  I am the only Milwaukee that does not promote past time happiness by shoving wieners and beers in my mouth and telling everyone else to do so.  Good God how dumb are you!  Bulging eyes from steroid use creates pressure in the eyeball that forces the optic nerve out of the back of the eyeball.  It leads to blindness!  It is an unrecognized form of Glaucoma.  Ryan I just did you the greatest favor of your life!   


5.      It is like they believe everyone living in Wisconsin are hayseeds!

6.      And what the h311 is this?
It looks like something the Government Science Committee Jim Sensennbrenner has oversight of might have privy to?

7.      There are three players here that need to leave the game in Wisconsin for Good!  We could evict them from the country but they would just cause more trouble wherever else they went.

Time for the seventh inning stretch.

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Originally published on 02 07 2013:


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