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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Radium in Waukesha Water 02 13 2013 update #4

Radium in Waukesha Water 02 13 2013

I had to ask myself again about the radium in Waukesha Water.  How did it get there?  Where are radioactive materials used was the next question I asked.  The answer is easy by medical companies and defense contractors.  Both need a minute concentrated power source in components of their diversified technologies.  And also radioactive materials are used in Underground Nuclear Missile silos; did they flood?  And in Nuclear power plants; where did they put the waste?  I don’t know if there are nuclear power plants in Waukesha.

Radium is highly radioactive!

So if there was contamination where was it first found?  In fish samples?  And where were the most concentrated samples of radium contaminated water found?

So indeed how long have you known?  Have you known before Scott Walker first became Governor of Wisconsin?  And who are the offenders?  Would they be billionaires with interests in Utility companies?

Radium in the water table that comes up through springs in lakes and waters would indeed explain without a shadow of a doubt the Chronic Wasting Deer Disease in Wisconsin.

Here is the thing.  How could a water table shift to saturate a concentrated area of radium under the soil?  It does not make any sense.  They only way that concentrated radium gets down there is because it was disposed of improperly and leached down into the water table.  The way to figure out where it came from is to measure the relative strength at various known source wells and then triangulate to research and manufacturing plants.  Also if there is such a plant located in a marsh land I would suspect that to and the water table is higher there.

So you say that radium is not the kind of chemical that is used?  We all know how test results can be misinterpreted.  How for example drug samples of Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers are botched in plausible manners.

We will not find out just what this chemical is because of this until there is a verifiable testing lab run by environmental advocates that actually care to test it.

If it is in the water table is it also in all of the Waukesha lakes that are spring fed?  And what are the known effects on human health?

Scott Walker was indeed from Delafield Wisconsin.  Once you are on the road on the west side of Pewaukee Lake in Waukesha you are in Delafield.  Delafield is indeed in the heart of Waukesha County.  So if there was collusion would in be members of the same religous order as Scott Walkers father?  All hypothetical of course.

It was in Waukesha county where there was found to be a case of innacurate voting tabultion during the Govenors race too!  I have been told that there is more political money in Waukesha than any other county in Wisconsin.  Indeed someone once told me that the people who live on Pine Lake are extremely rich.  The phrasing of the man that told me was that he knew of a tobacoo lawyer who was a millionaire and lived on Pine Lake and he told me he was a peasant in comparison to the billionaires that lived on that Lake!

Which leads to another question.  What are the highest grossing businesses in Waukesha county or what are the businesses of the riches residents that live in Wakesha County?

Are their businesses based in Waukesha that produce and experiment with the kinds of technologies above?  You bet there are.

Many politicians are indeed elected on a who you know basis.  Some are even said to be groomed for positions since the time they reach their teen ages.  It is how the good ole boy network works.  And the good ole boy’s like politicians that are what is called confidants- that is the equivalent of people who keep their mouth shut and laugh at what isn’t funny to be accepted.

Who has oversight with regard to high technology defense items in our national government and is also based in Wisconsin?  Senator Jim Sennsennbrenner.

Wisconsin was also known as a State that was involved in the Eugenics movement pre WWII.  Good Ole Boy network again.

So you want water for Waukesha?  I tell you what I will let you have the entire yearly input for the Miller Brewing Company for Waukesha use.  But you can’t make any beer or wine out of it anymore.  Waukesha will be a dry county.

I don’t think much of the Alcohol culture and for full disclosure I used to be a big drinker.  But more to the point I knew of a guy whose father worked for a Milwaukee beer brewing company.  He has a metal plate in his head because he got hit by a car while crossing the street while he was a boy.  Not saying any cause and effect.  But where I live, a suburb of Milwaukee, they very recently in my lifetime have changed the rules about how ones stop’s for one crossing the street.

I knew a person who lived on the west shore of Lake Winnebego.  And this person told me that quite a few people that lived on the east shore were getting Lukemia.

Off topic:  My mother told me that she got a call from a diabetes foundation today and asked me if she could contribute.  I told whenever anyone like that calls I am very blunt and answer like this, “We already know that the alcohol and high sugar intake in our diets harms the pancreas and that causes diabetes.”  When a cancer foundation calls I say, “We already know that cigarettes cause cancer.”  I as an American Citizen do not believe that I nor any other American should have to pay for your alcohol and tobacco related illnesses.  You are the bad sons and daughters and you made those choices.  If you parents didn’t have the smarts to tell you well someone else did and you didn’t want to listen.  Tough love!

Speaking of the Good Ole Boy network I see a prominent Italian name on Waukesha political signs and I think of WWII.  My father told me of a little man named Spinelli.  My father was pretty short himself.  But when they went on maneuvers at some Fort in Wisconsin before deployment Spinelli could never keep up.  I have to ask if he was scared to death to fight the Italian Axis forces and what the basis of that fear was?  I have heard stories of Italian men who became so afraid to go to the hospital that they lost their ability to speak in their native tongue.  You know what you see when you go to any Italian restaurant?  You see black and white pictures of old Italy.  And all the children are wearing white shirts and very well behaved.  They look like nice children to me.  I think a lot of that has changed.

As I thought of Spinelli today I thought of another man I knew named Spinelli who owned a gas station for what is now British Petroleum.  We got in the tow truck once and he told me to drive and I said it was his truck so he drove.  The reason he wanted me to drive was because I noticed that when he used the clutch he had to slide his butt down off the seat to reach it.  I felt sorry for him when I saw this.  He told me that initially Amoco allocated the Station ownerships to Italians because they were hard workers.  I was also coerced to sign the petition that let the Italian Community center be built in Milwaukee by him.  He was not taking no for an answer.  He would often head out to New York with a man by the last name of Piano.

So I have to ask myself what companies need that concentrated source of radioactive material?  Could it be companies that are involved in Eugenics in Wisconsin.  And in particular companies that have made discoveries in psycho- energetics?  That is the Russian technology used to transfer the soul of one person into another.  And the Russian Mafia is said to have a presence in Milwaukee too!

What is my point?  The criminal mind by definition is compromised.  I have hypothesized that higher brain function is separated from the rest of the brain by the influence of alcohol on conception and development. 

What is also my point?  Italy was indeed part of the Axis forces along with Nazi Germany.  That is the desire to manipulate race.  It only comes about because you are inferior.  Do you also know who gave the ideas to Adolph Hitler?  German psychiatrists prominent and New York Universities that wanted to sterilize all the people of families that had a family member who had schizophrenia.  You read how I write?  Do you think that I am a lesser race?  Do you think that I do not have my own soul like the Bible describes a constructive noun race of Satan to be?  Do I sound like a barbarous person like those of the Roman Empire that also believed in Eugenics? (Think of Procula the wife of Pontius Pilot saying that Jesus Christ gave her a terrible dream.  Think of the devil wearing prada. Etc etc.


I have heard that the Roman Catholic Church helped hide Nazi’s from WWII.  I have also heard that the Roman Catholic Church wanted to buy a resort island for the Child molesting priests of the church.  I have also heard that George Bush (German) and Rick Santorum (Greek?) were very involved in the finances and money allocation of the Catholic Church in order to fund the molestation lawsuit payments.  We can understand what GB’s interest in Eugenics and psychoenergetics would be; he flunked the third grade.  We can understand what Rick Santorums interest in psychoenergetics would be he has a genetically defected daughter.

So what is the point?  In you strive to create a Eugenic Master race did you indeed poison the water supply of Wisconsin so that more and more genetically compromised people are created?


In 1991 I worked for First Analysis.  That is an Equity Research firm with a concentration in the environmental sector they also had interest in environmental companies.  I used to hear the President arguing with some Mexican hazardous waste truck driver on the telephone and trying to tell him…where not to dump the waste?- that is what it sounded like.


I have nothing against those I write about.  And you know what?  I hear voices in my head and I know that they are directional in nature.  I know that I have developed technologies that have been able to cancel them.  I am very proud that my soul is coveted.  And you can define the human soul as indeed the capacity for higher brain function.  The people who have the most developed higher brain functions develop them by thinking and caring for others in a responsible faction.  This is not something that can truly be psycho-enenergized from one person to another.  What are recent findings telling us?  That over the past 2000 years the human race is not as smart as it was.  That time figure can be narrowed to 2oo years with regard to the United States because we know that this country was founded by very capable people with very strong beliefs and philosophies concerning the caring for other people.  If you have what they call schizophrenia you might indeed be one the small percentage of true human beings left on earth right now.  You should be very proud of yourself.


Do you what?  I do not believe that there is anyone on the planet earth that I want to impress!  That is how dumbed down and bad the species has become to me!

And when I speak of people that would desire to be involved in the Eugenics movement, ie those with a mean case of adaptive form of mental retardation I can tell you without a doubt that it is widespread throughout every race creed and color.  Which tells you what?  It is not a hereditary DNA issue it is a DNA issue that was compromised by something issue.  And indeed it may be that when two people like this marry they create a child that is the same way; lacks the ability of higher brain function.

There was also a water issue in the West Bend area of Wisconsin.  I have not looked into it to see if they further defined the chemical and source.

What do they know that they are not telling us I have to ask?  You’re not going to get your elbows in to find out with independent based analysis if there is collusion!

Would Waukesha give Milwaukee Water if it was the other way around.  Was the problem caused by a truck driver with an alcohol hangover?  As Governor of the State I would give you the water input to Miller Brewing Company in Milwaukee.  It would solve so many problems at the exact same time.


I used to dream of having a house on a Waukesha Lake.  I no longer do!


And after Scott Walkers giant distraction what other initiatives of his are surfacing?  Mining in Wisconsin is becoming and issue.  Not only that but underground explosions!  Why do people dynamite under certain cities?  Very simple, there are certain types underground geologies that are best for storing radioactive waste!   Are they creating tunnels and shafts right under our noses?  So indeed is there a drive to move radioactive waste from one failed sight that contaminated the water supply of Wisconsin to another site in Wisconsin.  That is kind of how the mind of what is being chased by the cat works. 


Okay here I go again.  Was nuclear waste transported by rail and there was a derailment and that was the source of contamination?  It would be very easy for the Government to find such a source of contamination using satellites that have that radioactive detection capability!  It would show up like a red star.  Has it been used to survey Japan and Chernobyl?  Radium is highly radioactive.  Chernobyl will be uninhabitable for the next 20,000 years!  Has something horrible been done to my favorite state Wisconsin?


Is it just me but did Barrack Obama, Joseph Biden and John Boehner all look like they were suffering from some form of radioactive decay on last night’s State of the Union Address?

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy

Originally published on:  02 13 2013 at:

 Post Script:  Here is where we might have to rely on a satellite scan by a foreign nation in order to tell us?  But satellites have a fixed position relative to earth orbit?  Maybe there is one that has the scanning reach and a foreign nation will do the responsible thing and tell us when our own government won't?

Post Script # 2:  And what else does Scott Walker want to do?  He wants to sell off the States owned utilities!  Is this an effort to avoid government liability for nuclear contamination?  There are too many pieces of this puzzle that are fitting together!  Is this an effort to handle nuclear waste disposal in a hands off and therefore no culpability as to responsibility issue?  If so it is an indication the problem is worse than perceived.  Nuclear waste of nuclear power plants was always said to be stored on the utility site.  Have some of those barreles leaked?  What is the accountability for it?  How does the public know they are being honest with us as to the regards of the highly radioactive radium contamination that they have admitted is in the well water in Waukesha?  Did a Waukesha business man and or resident allow nuclear waste to be stored on his property for money and it leached into the soil?  Radium is highly radioactive!

I want to know for health concerns and I live near Lake Michigan!

And don't get mad at me when I question and express concern.  Somebody has to be the one to question. Questions can always be accurately answered and therefore dismissed.  But Radium is highly radioactive.  Yeah I read that right!


And what happens when water pumped from Lake Michigan saturates the water table in Waukesha and the Radium the spreads to other parts of the state as it is displaced?

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