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Friday, February 15, 2013

Gun Violence 02 15 2013

Gun Violence 02 15 2013

It has never happened in my neighborhood so why should I ever be affected by a national law relating to it no matter where I go or am in the country?

Where is gun violence common?  The poor inner city and black people.  Oh, now we are not supposed to break down gun violence as it relates to race and intelligence?

What does that lack of analysis amount to?  An absence of COMMON SENSE!

And that is indeed the likely source of gun violence in this country, those with a lack of COMMON SENSE trying to exert will over those who have it!

That last killer who shot the 20 kids just didn't look right to me.  He looked like a mean bully that hated human beings.  Now if he had pissed someone off by committing a crime against them and was shot because of it that would have prevented him shooting 20 children.  To me he looked like he had the face of Satan.  And the collective noun of Satan does indeed have a mean case of adaptive mental retardation. 

Bottom line, that gun violence has never occurred in my community.  So we have a black president trying to broad brush the entire country when it really only applies to communities with a high crime and gun violence rate in them!  The criminal mind lacks the capacity for higher brain function at all levels of our society.

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