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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bullying is Done by the Beast 02 20 2013

Bullying Is Done by the Beast 02 20 2013

(PS.  If Barrack Obama wanted to do one good thing for this country he would buy national air time on television and have the movie promoted by Stand for the Silent titled Bully broadcast so everyone could watch it!)

I would encourage you to publish this.  I bear no shame for being bullied!

Do I highly identify with the voices of those children I heard on a section from the movie on Wisconsin Public radio?  You bet I do!  I was stabbed with a pen in the back of my hand just like that child says he was.  I have a lot to say about bullying!!

The Beast does not do its own thinking and never has, that is the reason that it bullies other children; out of frustration for not being like them or able to listen and learn like them.

The Bible tells us of the Garden of Eden but what it does not tell you is that what was evicted from the Garden of Eden; Adam and Eve were actually the beast! They were indeed human.  But what you would think of as being most human today is really the person that evicted them from the Garden of Eden.  The Bible implies that the reason that the beast cannot think for itself is because it ate the rotten fermented apple fruit, ie Alcohol.  The Beast has always been with us in the history of the World since the Garden of Eden.  And to be fair to the person that kicked them out of the Garden of Eden;  who would want to kill their own children; better to evict them than kill them, when they have the inability to listen and act like good human beings?  So what did the beast do after it was evicted from the Garden of Eden?  It adapted so that it did not have to think for itself.  If you don’t have to think for yourself you can’t be evicted from a Garden of Eden again can you?  Why not?  Because nothing you do will ever be your fault because you did not have to do your own thinking. 

What is the personality type of someone who bullies other children and what do they grow to become as adults?  I classify them as a mean case of adaptive mental retardation or MCAMR.  When they become adults they will still not want to do their own thinking, and if you bullied child lives through all that and that long the next thing that is going to happen is that adult is going to hear the mental and technologically artificially created voices of the beast in its head!  Why?  Because they are indeed the only link that the beast has to humanity!


So you think that you are a lesser person because you were molested by the beast?  I’ve got news for you!  The term Yankee comes from people just like you in this country who would put up with that.  I got more news for you, when the Celtics fought the beasts in war they stripped all of their clothes off and came running at the beast full naked and defeated them.  Why?  Because just like a dog or monkey goes straight for the groin the beast is preoccupied with the groin of people because it knows there is something that makes it different than what we traditionally know to be human beings.  The beast cannot be one so it seeks to destroy that which is!

Because the beast does not think its own thought it does not think of new thoughts or ideas!  And that is why the revelation is so important; the beast isn’t concerned about preserving humanity and does not think in the same terms as loving and caring for a family as you do!  The beast just wants to be recognized and seen in the world as something that is better than you!  Just the opposite is true and the beast bears the greatest shame in the history of the world.

The Bible tells us in the Book of Revelation about the nature of the beast.  It uses a cryptic reference to the Book of Wisdom when it gives us the same of the beast.  The name of the beast is indeed from Chapter 6 Verse 6 Word 6 of the Book of Wisdom.  The book of wisdom tells us that the name of the beast is FORGIVEN!  The beast is indeed that which was FORGIVEN when it was evicted from the Garden of Eden rather than being killed.   Back to the Book of Revelation it tells us that in order for the beast to be forgiven it must bear the mark of the beast!  And it could either be 666 or the word Forgiven on the hand or head.  But it seems kind of odd to give someone a mark on the head that says’ Forgiven?  If you forgive someone do you have to mark them?  What is the point?  There are people on this earth that do not think for themselves.  They do not have their own soul just as Satan in the Bible is described as not having his own soul.  The Bible also tells us that Satan has the ability to read men’s minds.  So how does Satan read a Man’s mind?  By bullying him!  Does it imply that only those who were bullied are the true men in the world?  Whether it does or not I can tell you that it is true to large degree.

You don’t want your child to have to go to school with the beast?  I don’t blame you!!!!!  I will not have children until the beast has been generally recognized for what it is and kept from bullying your children!

When you are older they will want you to go on medicine because the beast that did that to you can’t live with the conscience of the act and the active conscious person of your more than human higher thinking capability soul!

The beast gets a free ride in life and it should not be that way.  The Bible agrees with me to, and says that the last will be first.  Do we have the technology to determine who does not think with their own soul?  I believe that we do.

Nobody, including me wants another halocost or even to incite one.  The Bible tells us that there are Jews who are not Jews!  So it is not a matter of religion it is just a matter of what type of state of mind you have and if yours is your own.  Believe me you would know if you did not have your own soul and heard the exact thoughts of someone else.  That is very different from hearing voices that distract you from earning a productive living with your own skill sets to support your own family.

The beast will live off of the soul of your masturbated semen, so if you become celibate in that way we all will defeat the beast.  The beast turns pale white and looks sick when that happens!  Also when you masturbate the beast builds up a greater affinity for your individual human thought.  Don’t and you prevent it from doing so!  But the fact of the matter is that you have every right to and also have what I feel is more than the right to be the ones to marry and create your own happy families.

I can tell you exactly what your child is going through if it is bullied.  Those 5417 kids will be talking rudely about him all during school; as if they know what he is thinking!  Revelation- the beast or Satan if you will as defined in the Bible does!  That is not a delusion.  When he gets older the same thing will happen in the workplace.   If you ever believed in the Bible for just one moment; believe in that.  Believe in that even if you don’t believe in any part of the Bible! 

The beast has become very smart at hiding its identity to the world, what it seeks to do is all listen to the same mind and narrow the list of victims down so that it is not caught victimizing as an adult!  So in effect if no one who knows and should speak up the beast can hide using the good personality of that one person’s soul!  The general public would never figure it out because no one would believe that one person!  That small one percent of the population one persons are labeled schizophrenics!  They are created through attrition by the beast!  If you compare the cost of society of treating a victim of the beast to the money that the beast has made from their stolen souls you realize that the beast never earned one Abraham Lincoln Penny in its lifetime!

It is a hard reality to face and live with.  I was first told of this when I was a boy and rescued another boy that was being molested by a bully.  The boy I rescued told me the next day, “I want to tell you a secret for what you did for me.   All Jews are mind readers.”

The Bible tells us that there are Jews who are not Jews.  Also I am not a racist, I like most Jews.  However I will assert the rights of everyone who is bullied in this country and also made mentally ill.

The beast are both the bully’s of our society and those who also listen and live off the souls of those who were bullied and demonized.

You are just like me concerning bullying by the beast!  You can’t conceive of how someone could be so mean to another person!  It is unconceivable!!! The fact that it is unconceivable will lead you to the process of deduction all your life trying to figure out why some people are that way.  I just think of them as being Mean Cases of Adaptive Mental Retardation! (MCAMR)

The beast has created a society whereby behavior that mimics that of animal ability are the highest compensated professions. Why?  Because believe it or not those highly paid sports professions were created so that the beast would not become depressed as a child because it can’t think for itself!  They had to give it something to look forward to!  We need to take that incentive away so that the beast has to sit still in school and listen and be respectful of other children!  And there is a lot like this that we can do with regard to the beast in order to straighten out our world before it is too late.

Your bullied child is not the one that is different, the beast that does it is!

All of my Biblical references readily verifiable.


Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy

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