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Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Blog The Psalms of David

The Psalms of David

When I was a boy and at various times in my life I asked my father what Jews believed in. He answered me that Jews believed in the Psalms.

When I was a boy in Catholic school I was told that the Jews did not believe in Jesus Christ a Jew but David as their Savior. The name David itself means the blessed one. So what indeed made David the blessed one?

David is indeed credited with writing over 3000 Psalms. What is a Psalm? It is a song or poem to be sung to God. What a beautiful thing to do! To give children a framework with how to talk to God. Without this framework fo Psalms that indeed praise God Children might indeed talk or sing to God in a disturbing manner.

It is said that there are only the Psalms that are written to be called Psalms. But that is not true. If one were to analyze the content and verse of the Psalms in the Bible might one be able to update the psalms with regard to modern times? It would be done using the same structure and ideas in the ancient psalms but in order to reflect known knowledge of relegion?

In order to do so one must read and understand the original Psalms. And if indeed a person has voices that rudely talk to them in their heads and distract them from earning a living based on their own skill sets as implied by the Parable of the Talents in the Bible, then one has every right and duty to write their own Psalms as to how those of lesser inteligence are to talk to them non-verbally?

So as I am reading the Psalms I see that I like what I read. Then who is it that believes they can talk to a God without reading the Psalms or prayers. Are there indeed Jewish children that are taught to talk to God without reading the Psalms- in a chaotic manner designed to confuse, defeat and subvert the will of God?

Interestingly enough the Bible clarifies what the term "They" means for the reader. Every Schizophrenic that has ever gone to see a psychiatrist is questioned about whom they mean by they. Not only that they are riduculed and the use of the term "They" is used to diagnose them as mentally ill. Those, they are those that the Psalms are addressing with regard to their manner or living, moral conduct or wickedness.

Psalm 2 of the Bible

The writer of this Psalm is stating that the King of Israel at the time (That means a human being) is the representation of God on Earth. So this is indeed not Jesus Christ because Jesus was not a Government leader of Israel. So here right of the bat it is believed that there is no seperation of church and state. This is a declaration that the Political leader of the nation of Israel, a King of a Monarchy?, is indeed also God!

Why was it done? How else do you get the unruly to behave without punishing them if they do not have the fear of God? In other words if you do not fear me, do you fear me if I am God? It is really someone giving themselves or granting themselves the rule of dictatorship over a population. That person is being granted to have the right to rule as if he were God?

Why does one need to call themselves a God? What does a person need the title of God to do that they otherwise would not have the authority to do?

Psalm Number 3 gets very funny after reading and understanding Psalm Number 2

Psalm Number 3 is written by David. And it is written as if he is running for his life from the people of Israel who rose up against him!!!! So indeed DAVID did have the same problem that Jesus Christ did!

I don't know if I have to read any more Psalms than that to understand Jewish belief because I agree with it!

Psalm Number 4

Psalm Number 4 uses the phrase "You People" It is a Psalm by the Jewish God David. Interestingly enough whenever my father got mad at my mother and I he would scold us with the term "You People." My father has been dead for over a year as of today 02 28 2013 and as I read that phrase in order to understand beliefs he is right back with me! A tear comes to my eye.

I ask myself how these were sung as songs? What melody did they have. Have the Jews indeed preserved the melody of the Psalms?

Verse 5 in Psalm Number 4 states, "Tremble and do not sin; upon your beds ponder in silence." That means I am trying to sleep so do not talk to the Lord anymore. I did indeed develop what was labled to be schizophrenia through one entire year of sleep deprivation while I lived in Chicago and worked as an Associate Equity Research Analyst. Interestingly enough when I was in high school my humanities teacher made an emphatic point as to how those who torture people do not like it when they go unconsious. Indeed there is a song from the Talking Heads that has the lyrics about keeping a baby up all night. And it is indeed known that was is termed Schizophrenia is caused by sleep deprivation. I once heard a Jewish neighbor say to me under her breath as she was walking away from me, "Were keeping you up all night!" You get used to it, and indeed you just figure out that if God wanted you to die you would die and you just nodd off to sleep with those of verse 9 of Psalm 4.

The writer of the Psalm also states, "The Lord hears when I call out!" That means don't bother me because if I get angry at you others will be too!

Offer fittting sacrifice. That means give me something highly commensurate for all this time you are bothering me from earning a living.

Interestingly enough if you offer a burnt piece of meat to the Lord he can indeed cut off the burnt part and eat it in his tent. The burnt offering makes a good wrapper. I mean inside the meat is cooked good and you are going to cut off the outside anyhow.

In verse 7 they want to know what the Lord, as we have already come to realize is a human being, looks like. But then in verses 8 and 9 they go back on it and say he is better than those that drink wine. That the thoughts of him let them sleep securely.

(It is best that you have a Bible handy when you read this or should I write more of the Psalms I am speaking about?)

The last verses of Psalm 4 (7-9) for congruity to writing.

7 Many say, "May we see better times! Lord show us the light of your face! (We already know that the living God traveled and slept in tents.)

8 But you have given my heart more joy than they have when grain and wine abound. (This is indeed denegrating alcohol!) (Add this to the Bible and Alcohol.) It is a statement that the intleect of the Lord is better than those who drink alcohol at parties.

9 In peace I shall both lie down and sleep, for you alone, LORD, make me secure


Psalm 5

In Psalm 5 accredited to David you see that he is backpeddling again on calling himself both Lord, God or King! It reads like he is in deep 5417. That he is about to be executed.

Then in verse 5 David is stating what the Lord should not do to him.

Verse 5: You are not a god (lowercase) who delitghts in evil; no wicked person finds refuge with you;

Verse 6: the arrogant cannot stand before you.

Verse 7: you destroy all who speak falsely. Murderers and deceivers the Lord abhors.

I like this next one Verse 10: "Their throats are open graves; on their tongues are subtle lies." There is a lot of subtle and yet highly profound meaning their.

In these next versus David is indeed redeclaring that he has lost the power over his people. That he is indeed powerless.

Verse 11 Declare thgem guilty, God; make them fall by their own devices. Drive them out for their many sins; they have rebelled against you.

Verse 12 Then all who take refuge in you will be glad and foreever shout for joy.

Verse 14 For you, Lord, bless the just; you surround them with favor like a shield. (In this verse "14" David is indeed trying to appeal to rational minds. David created this Psalm as a means to evoke the rational minds of people. It is indeed a call of repsonsiblity to them! To base thoughts of action on sound morals.

Psalm 6

This is more of David indeed pleading for mercy and also telling them that they face vengence from the Lord.

Psalm 7

In this Psalm it appears that a Benjaminite named Cush is after David!

Psalm 7 Verse 2 Lord my God, in you I take refuge; rescue me; save me from all who pursue me,

Verse 3 Lest they maul me like Lions, tear me into pieces with none to save.

This would indeed seem to be a reference to the Roman Empire and them sending people to dye by the lions? Is the meaning here that David of Israel fears being thrown in a lion ring? Does the Benjaminite Cush indeed keep lions like this?

Verse 5 If I have repaid my friend wih evil- I spared even those who hated me without cause-

(After that first hyphen David is indeed remembering that he was a good man! is the exact same thing I experience every day- those who hate me without cause. Jesus Christ did indeed have the same problem- he was hated without cause.) I am starting to believe that the Jews hated other people without cause? It reads like the frantic thoughts every schizophrenic experiences when people get mad at them and they try and reason why!

Verse 6 Then let my enemy pursue and overtake me, trample my life to the ground, and leave me dishonored in the dust. (Here he is saying well then go ahead, (it is also very similar to what Jesus Christ said with Turn the other cheek.) God ahead and kill me for the life of me I can't understand what I did wrong. By the way many of the feeble minded in the world use that exact same defense! But you can tell by reading these Psalms by David that he is not one of those.

Sections III and IV contain a beuatiful and what seems to be very sincere defense. They are not the words of a bad.

Verse 13 Seems to imply that David has been taken captive and is calling for God who has bows and sharpened arrows to come and get him.

But section V of Psalm 7 is the most telling

Verse 15 section V Psalm 7

Sinners concieve of inequity;

Pregnant with mischeif,

they give birth to failure.

(This is every thing I am always saying about THEM. That they drank alcohol and got pregnant through and that is indeed the nature of satan it is not like what we traditionally consider normal it is failure! Jesus called them Yowsabouts!


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