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Monday, February 4, 2013

Plastic Soda Bottle Production 02 04 2013

 Plastic Soda Bottle Production 02 04 2013

This short text relates to a new company that eliminates the need to sell soft drinks in mass produced plastic soda bottles or cans. And their commercial broadcast with the Superbowl.

Could have saved the production of 500 million plastic soda bottles on game day alone.  What does this say about our world energy policy?  Could we have prevented the war in the Middle East if we did not import the oil to produce those bottles.  We would definitely need less oil if those bottles where not produced.  And be a realist; it is going to take a lot of energy in the future to clean of the mess of pollution caused by them.  Not to mention the fact that many of the chemicals in plastic bottles have been banned in the history of the product due to human health concerns.  That and they always want to tell us that nothing that goes in our mouth or our skin compromises human conception and development.

I get beat good when I mention this because there is a Wisconsin company that produces those plastic bottles.

The name of the company is called Sodastream the ticker symbol is SODA.

I will fairly disclose that I have a small interest in seeing it do well.

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