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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Picking a New Pope 02 28 2013

How can we expect the next Pope, as chosen from a group of Cardinals by a Group of Cardinals who were complacent with horrific crimes by the Church to be any better than he was.  I swear I would like to take an aircraft carrier over there or better yet a Navy Destroyer class ship.  That is right, and I will give the orders to open the cannon door hatches and let loose on Vatican City?  What is that like Cartoon World for the Satanic who claim religion?  In business and that is what the Catholic Churches actions amount to, they often hire outside the firm when the company is chock full of useless sycophants and here is what Jesus a Jew of the Bible would call them and I have trademarked the term in Wisconsin ----   YOWSABOUTS.  Jesus was a Jew and the Catholic Church was right there with Adolph.  I knew an Italian (They were part of Axis forces too.  He was mentally retarded.  I washed dishes with him at a restaurant I worked at while in High School.  The owner wanted us all to be nice to him.  He was very scared.  He would just stand there and glare at everyone.  All he could do was open the guillotine like door to the industrial washer and close it.  He would just stand there glare at you if you told him to do anything else.  What’s the point?  If they were stuffing Jews or Schizophrenics in the gas chambers today he would stand there and glare at them as they were going in- no questions asked.  And the members of the community would say, “At least he has a job?”  I have to wonder, with the propensity of the Italian American to be involved in organized crime in the United States- are they all like the dishwasher or the fascist Italians of the Axis forces?  Because one has to resort to a life of crime it does indeed mean that one cannot compete fairly with the sons of men- that is an indication of mental retardedness.
I would tell you of a black boy I worked with too but don’t have time.
The Germans have their beer the Italians push the wine and alcohol back on America and forced us to repeal the 18th amendment and the kids come out like that!  The blacks have their good ole ripple too.  They got it from the Catholic Church when the Moors (blacks) invaded Europe?  The funny thing is, there are not too many blacks in Europe.  The seemed to have gone away at the same time the Burial Groups or first corporations came into being.  Where are all those blacks buried in Europe?  You know as well as I they all got black jacked over the head and buried by the Italian Burial groups (corporations.)  And what happened after that?  We had the rise of the Health Care industry in the United States to the detriment of the United States Citizen.  We also had the rise of health insurance.  All we really need to be insured against are those selling us the insurance. 
But if a concurring force of war concurs Europe and you at some time off them one by one- is that really genocide?  Bottom line concerning that- I live in my home and don’t you bother me.
And one of the most recognizable pieces of propaganda artwork in the world is Jesus Christ offering everyone a glass of wine.  Read your Bible more carefully than that with what it really has to say about alcohol and what Jesus meant at the last supper.  It has not been taught correctly.
What is the first thing those castle babies and are born in a pile of beer mash realize?  They figure out that they do not have higher thinking capacity and then seek to be accepted by the religious criminal order of our society who splits the souls of the children of men so that they can hear their thoughts.  And then the Adolph’s of the United States Elite figure out that they cannot stand to hear all that thinking that isn’t theirs anymore so they create the Eugenics movement to sterilize those who have higher thought capacity- children of men.  They feed that literature to Nazi Germany, the Castle league finds a figurehead Adolph Hitler and the Pope was right there with him.  Then you have Germany split.  And the rise of the pharmaceutical industry as a means to lessen the burden on the mind of the beast who was not raised to think for itself during childhood but believes it can as an adult and he gets to victimize the son’s of men and put them on medicine.  Read the Gospel of Nicodemus with particular attention to the motivation for killing Christ as well as the scene whereby one of the beast sons thinks he is actually smart like Jesus.  

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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PS. The secret reason that the Elite molest children is that they do so to make a connection to that mind that they hear thinking!  In complete monkey ape jealousy they want to own those thoughts!  Why because they are devoid of the capability.  They have a mean case of adaptive mental retardation.  That is why every child molester of any age should be put to death!

I am not a child molester.  Do I worry that I could be reborn to somehow be one after I die and therefore I would not want to be put to death right away for being a child molestor?  No.  If for some reason my soul was put into some whiskey mash womb and I was part of that creep race and put to death right away for doing so.  I would still come back because I believed my body would be restored like the Catholic Church says?  I would not want to live my lifetime with that guilt on my mind anyhow.  Who would?  Maybe a monkey that looked like a complete normal human.  And if you believe in reincarnation it means your soul is reincarnated into a new body.  My soul does not change.  So I know that I could not be born a child molester unless of course I was in a whiskey mash whores womb- and was born that way.  Go ahead put me to death then- if that is what I am reborn to be. If you don't have your own human soul you will not be reborn into a human body.  It is one of those apples and oranges comparisons they like to use inappropriately in the financial industry.

Do you know what people that hate those labeled schizophrenic want to do to them?  They would put a wooden box of your height and width at your front doorstep and say to you in their proud Italian moxy- is that clear enough to you?

You think that I am lying about the glares, leers and behavior indicative of mental retardation and dependent mindedness to a schizophrenic?  Take a video camera and join me for a shopping trip to the Ethnic Grocery store that puts the cigarettes before the produce.  Any grocery store that sells cigarettes should lose their license to do business.  Can consumers sue the stores that they bought the cigarettes at after they get lung cancer.  The strongest legal precedents that there are support that, same goes for alcohol and cirrosis of the liver, fetal alcoholism, diabetes and indeed breast cancer.  You won't own those grocery stores in this country because you were indeed breaking the law. 

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