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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Neo Slavery in the United States 02 14 2013

Neo Slavery in the United States 02 14 2013

I applaud the new community based approach to treating mental illness!  Why because it means I get to have my own whipping boy!  I can not tell you how long I have wanted my own whipping boy locked in a community based treatment center.  (I am joking!!!)

So what is the point?  That is the nature of the feudal society.  They kept people that they didn't like in dungeons and whipped them for pleasure without anyone knowing what was going on.

What is the problem with the community based approach?  The problem with this approach is, if there was no human accountability to a large facility with standardized procedures how can their be accountability with dispersed facilities?  If there was not the employee accountability with a large facility are we to believe there will be accountable employees for smaller neighborhood facilities?

How cocked eyed stupid are you?  Those day care centers in the poor areas of Milwaukee can not even be trusted not to sexually abuse children.  Can you imagine how happy a psycho would be if they got control over a full grown adult?

Here is something that you never knew about slavery.  When they moved both slaves through the underground networks in the United States and I also believe Jews in Nazi Germany escape routes they put blindfolds over their eyes.  Why?  Because the satanic can see through the eye's of their victims as if they were their own!!!!!!  That is what they knew.  This fact is also described in the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls in circumspect terms.

Counterpoint.  When I think of how black people in the United States have failed to raise their children to value education and shun drugs I start to wonder.  Were boat load after boat load of blacks really shipped to the United States by the English Monarchy because they knew that they would pose a problem for our democracy?  Many slave owners are said to have lived in constant fear of rebellion by slaves!  So it makes you wonder if they did indeed bring them over in the first place.  Why would you bring over something you are constantly in fear of?

When are black people going to take responsibility for their communities is the question I have to ask?  When are they going to raise children that work and do not resent customers?  When are they going to raise children that know that drugs will ruin all of their potential.  So you might not all have the potential to make it big on Television.  And I would argue who in the h311 would want to!  But you know what you can do?  You can create communities of love and respect in the places that you live so you don't have to make it big with the false personalities on television.  That is what you should do!  You should seek to create safe communities for yourself whereby anyone in the country can go for a walk through them and not fear anything happening to them.

Some black people take very good care of themselves and their homes and that means it is a stereotype and not true of all black people.  But that stereotype is indeed the belief many have and it is true to a great degree!

The questions that black people need to address before they can improve their living conditions is what has prevented us from developing peaceful communities!  And that is where you start!

You do not ally yourselves with the likes of Minister Farakan who believes that you should demonize adult human beings and thereby create your children to be the satanic.  The satanic are the cause of your problem in the first place. 

The whole corporate legal structure in the United States is Satanically based.  This does not foster personal responsibility but rather abuse.

Now black people you have been a victim of the Satanic mind that see's through the eye's of their victims just as I have in my life!  Do not revert to being something that does not seek personal development but instead believes all a person can do in hopelessness is strive to see out of someone else's eyes!  Do you get it?  Black people that was you!  And the slave masters made what has been termed schizophrenics out of you!  There is no such thing as a schizophrenic.  If you want to know what every schizophrenic is just think of them as being a King of the Jews!!!!!!!!  And that is just the action of denial of personal responsibility that has led to the documented lessening of human intelligence over the last 2000 years.  Some people never had to think for themselves but did a very good job of pretending that they were smarter than those who could!

Martin Luther King would not have you resort to violence or abuse or harassment.  He was the exact opposite of that.  He developed a strong intellect and believed in equality like I do.

So Barrack Obama wants to raise the minimum wage?  The higher minimum wage might destroy Wal*Mart. I have known for a long time that a Jewish sect wants to destroy Wal*Mart.  The liberal walks through Wal*Mart and thinks he can create one thousand small businesses out of it.  Do you want to know how small minded that small business man is?  He will sell you a hamburger that is uncooked in the center and makes you sick.  He will sell you shoes that do not fit and not let you take them back.  He will treat you like complete dirt so that you work for the rest of your life for him doing his work and then retire without a pension.  He will raise the prices of everything that he sells so only those of his click can afford it.  He will hire his retarded son or daughter to work alongside of you all day and annoy you!  He will violate every right you are guaranteed in the Constitution of.  He will not hire you because he knows you are far smarter than he is.  He will molest your children so that they can do his thinking for him. He be mean to the children in a classroom who are not evil minded.

You would be able to afford very little without Wal*Mart.  The satanic also hate Walmart because they can not get their nose in your activity when you buy many items at once from a department store.  The satanic want you to believe that they are the experts at everything when the reality is that they are mean cases of adaptive mental retardation!  When you buy goods from a Wal*Mart that is not located in your community the Satanic can not drag home with you and stick to your soul and drive you out of your mind while they teach their children from your pain.

How can someone who believes that her children should be exposed to every germ possible including eating cat poop out of the sand box run a restaurant that will serve food?  The dependent minded have a great delusion of who and what they are and what their capabilities are.  And do you know who they blame when things don't go right for their easy heads?  They blame their whipping boys and girls who bear the name of Schizophrenic.  And the satanic have created weapons that can molest the minds of such people all day long.  That is indeed why what we know as the human race has become less intelligent over the last 2000 years.

Barrack you cannot raise that minimum wage without taking away alcohol and cigarettes!  These are the major escape mechanisms of the Satanic.

Also Barrack went contrary to the idea of destroying drug houses that pose great nuances to communities.  The idea was that neighborhoods would be better places to live without them.  Barrack has never owned a home in his life or had to maintain one for if he did he would no that once the walls are rat infested that home can no longer be lived in and must be destroyed.  The best thing to do would be to burn it.  But that would pollute the air and catch whole cities like New York on fire at the same time.  Someone ought to show Michelle Obama a live rat out of a cage and see if he then changes his mind about renovating abandoned drug houses.

The motto of the Satanic is "Do what you like to other people."   If you follow that motto and support it do you know where you are likely to end up on?  "A DO WHAT YOU LIKE TO OTHER PEOPLE FARM!"

You have rights guaranteed to you by our Constitution.

The idea is not to put you in a locked community room, the idea should be to realize that the cause of that voices in the head mental illness is really indeed how the Satanic raise their children!  The Bible says that the last will be first and that is what it is referring to!  Anyone who seeks to see through the eye's of other people does not and cannot earn their own living.  They spend their whole lifetimes projecting their self hatred onto other people.  Projecting your self hatred onto other people???? Isn't that about the same as whipping someone?  I say we take away the whisky and the guns of the Satanic in the United States!  And we can prove who is who!

Wal*Mart was formed in the South by a good man that believed in giving value to customers.  So some of you worked at Wal*Mart and had a bad experience?  It is too bad that most people believe that in order to work you have to be hired by a business.  The reality is that many businesses ruin the lives of their employees.  The other reality is that most businesses that are in existence today are managed and owned by Satanic people.  What happens when a good man starts a business?  The feeble dependent minded seek to run him out of business and steal his skill set because they loathe him like the devil loathed Jesus Christ.  I am betting that there are many black people that have far more writing talent than what we see printed on the bookshelves today.  The satanic also seek to prevent their mental slaves from utilizing any of their talents for personal gain and lifes success.  Their motto is "Man.  Let him only breed in small numbers." Quote from HG Wells?

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on  02 14 2013 at:

PS To avoid apparent confusion and conflict in this article the Bible tells of how there are, "Jews who are not Jews!" in the ending chapter "The Book of Revelation"

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