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Friday, February 15, 2013

A Cause of Congestive Heart Failure 02 15 2013

A Cause of Congestive Heart Failure 02 15 2013

Food that causes an inflamed colon and therefore restrictive constipation.

Spicy food, Mexican food, all restaurant fast food, pizzas and items heavy on cheese and dough, all fried foods.

They have never done studies on fast foods as to the immediate affect that they have on the human colon.  You can do all the nutritional extraction tests in the world and never get to the true cause of a person being overweight, Food that causes an inflamed colon and therefore restrictive constipation.

All food should indeed be tested for whether it inflames the colon and thereby causes restrictive constipation.  When tissues imflame they bloat and the pathways become narrow; hence constipation.

And constipation is indeed the cause of Congestive Heart failure.  But it is one of those health secrets the death industry does not want you to know about!

What does the voice of a person who has an inflamed colon sound like?  Like a red headed helium sucking clown corked up his A$$h013.  It was either that or his uncle Tony.

Yeah we all know what he sounds like, he drives around in his home contracting van and has the voice a castrati with a corked up A$$h013.  The constrained vocalizations and sentences of a chimpanzee.

When the zombies rule the earth do we have to fear the lyrics from the Steely Dan song that read, “Didn’t you know they thought you were Italian in their eye’s?”

What is my point?  There was negligence in oversight of companies in the fast food industry that modified and adulterated the foods they serve in the fast food industry.  And this was done in the name of profitability and hence job creation.  Caveat emptor- there are many Americans that have fostered the development of their own intelligence and will,  that is right will! – And we don’t believe that we should have to pay for the weakness and sickness of other people.  You were allowed to be told that, you obeyed it, you are sick; that is not my fault!  And who prevented you from being told?  The right wing initiative of smaller government of the Republican Party.  Ask yourself if a bastard really cares about the health of American Families?
And another thing if you have diabetes your child will be born with it too (IMHO)!  So can we indeed limit the reproduction rights of all people with diabetes?  You don't want a child to be born into misery do you; you irresponsible beer drinking dirt ball?
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