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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Catholic Church 02 27 2013

The Catholic Church 02 27 2013

The Catholic Church should be:

1. Anti Gay Marriage (The Jewish God of the Bible Abhorred it, no if's and's or buts about it.)
2. Excommunicative of Gay Priests.  (Like it or not these are odd men that have the souls of women.  Ask yourself why they have a transgendered soul and if that is the future image of what humanity should be.  In Biblical times the aides virus would have been called a plague!  So who is spreading a plague like wildfire?  Gay men including Gay priests?
3. Excommunicative of Child molesting priests (and recommendation of prison sentencing from known evidence within the Catholic Church.

All of this is transgendered soul influence of the Satanic in our world.

And I will give the Catholic Church a break if the Satanic did indeed infiltrate the ranks of the Catholic Church.  But the Catholic Church needs to come out preaching against Satan if the world is to survive.  It is all there spelled out very clearly in the Bible.

Does the Catholic Church believe in what good can be derived from the Bible or does it believe in fostering a Satanic vision of humanity from the Bible.  There are two ways to go on the issue.  Just like there are two ways to go on the three issues listed above.

I am not racist against gay people and this is not hate speech.  THE GREATEST RACIST IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD ARE THE SATANIC WHO STEAL THE SOULS OF MEN AND WOMAN.  THE MODERN TERM FOR THEIR VICTIMS IS SCHIZOPHRENIC.   Jesus Christ is said to have fought demons at the end of his life; that is exactly what he had too.  He angered a lot of evil people on earth!   It has never been proven that the brain of someone labeled schizophrenic is different than a normal persons.  Should people who are the citizens of someone elses soul also be termed citizens of a country of the free and allowed to vote.  Let's see.  The land of the free means that you are guaranteed rights, the short list of them is Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Should a race, creed or religion that deprives United States citizens of these rights as a matter of Religion be allowed to vote in this country.  No!  Why not?  Because their very nature conflicts with every document written that founded this country.

I am not a killer either.  I am just trying to change the world so that the Satanic are disempowered from stealing souls, the country becomes fair again, and peace to the world.  It means exposing the Satanic at every level of our society and nothing more than that.

And if someone gets pissed at a criminal that was exposed for being a criminal the person who exposed the criminal did indeed do the right thing.  The responsibility falls on the criminal to not be the criminal and repent in every way possible in order to allay the concern.  It is like everyone in the country objecting to slavery in the south.  The south did not give it up and hence they inciting the civil war; not the true human beings that protested the notion of slavery.

Those gay people are created when the satanic drive men and women from their souls.  The victims are labeled Schizophrenic.  And the children born all over the earth have either his torn out soul or the soul of the beast woman that tormented him independent of what physical sex they are.

There may be other reasons why people are born gay but they all relate to satanic activities too; like modern everyday air pollution poisions, alcohol, drugs.  All these things screw up infants and lives.  But why hasn't the Catholic Church preached hell fire speeches against them?

The Bible tells us that at some point God will be done with all churches.  If you are a church you don't want that to happen, so you better get on the right bandwagon.  You are not going to be able to pay for all those lawsuits.  You might get more attendence if you start preaching the truth about Schizophrenia.

Catholic Church- I can't do this alone!

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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