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Monday, February 25, 2013

Academy Awards Night 02 25 2013

Academy Awards 02 25 2013

When Seth McFarlane (sp?) sang the song "We saw your boobs." referring to all the women in the audience that went topless for a movie scene the camera men focused on the ones being sung about.

And as it did many cringed in their seats in disgust.  It made them very uncomfortable.

But the fact is that they did indeed do it.  And they did it for money no differently than that stripper who kicks over your bottle of beer when you don't tip her.

If God ever wanted to judge the whole lot of the women in the movie industry he just did so last night!

Why?  Because not a single one of them got up and walked out!!!

It is worth repeating.


Does it bear significance as to how they got their in the first place?

And more importantly in my point of view it sends a terrible image of what a woman has to become to make it in the movie industry.

At first when I saw that I thought it was inappropriate.  But when you think about it in the terms I just stated above you realize it sends a great moral message to the people of the United States.


How can Steven Spielberg (Sp?) be a Scientologist???  He made such heart warming movies!  How can he be part of that organization?

William Shattner (sp?) reminded me of someone sitting in what is called a high chair.


I watched a movie the other day.  It was a black and white movie.  What I noticed was that the dialog was quick and the movie was filled with it from the first minute to the end. 

I watched another movie, the other day from the other day :), and it had a voice over by the director of the movie telling about his point of view of the scenes.  This movie is more the nature of the modern movie; visual imagery trying to represent something.  Lots of visual imagery that is made to look like artistic movements of human form and action.  It never makes the grade in my mind.  What is missing?  Maybe the point of the director is to trust the images of what you see in the world.  Trust the validity of the gestalt of what you see.  Okay all well and good but many movie goers come out of movies like that and they do not have the intelligence to figure out what you meant.  And even when you try and explain it yourself you just don't get it right.  The modern movie industry needs to rise above their own emotional blockages.  What does this mean?  The dialog explains that well crafted visual imagery without ambiguity.  You don't leave the meaning up to the subjective interpretation of the weak minded.  You do not allow the will to decide how it sees things and whether or not recognize what it sees on its emotional register.

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