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Saturday, February 16, 2013

To Be Fair to Barrack Obama 02 16 2013

To Be Fair to Barrack Obama 02 16 2013

There is something screwy that is going on in Chicago.

When I worked there in 1991 on the 96th floor of the Sears Tower my desk was right next to a device that put out a wave form of some kind that made it impossible to think through.

It strips ones body and soul of all life.  And a person loses a lot of weight because of it.

With all the gun violence in Chicago an area known to have a strong criminal base you cannot tell me that this same technology is not being used to drive people crazy and the resultant violence ensues.

You could almost think of it as a breeding ground for druid based soul theft that feeds the financial structure of Chicago.

I experienced this also when I was in my apartment in Chicago.  That apartment was on Irving Park road by Lake Michigan and I lived in apartment number 3405 of a high rise.

Barrack if you decided to put forth Marshal Law in Chicago that would be okay with me!

Barrack, in the Italian Times Newspaper of Milwaukee one man said that he learned that all Italian Americans are more closely related than he thought- that wasn't the exact nature of the quote but about right.  We know that Italians run the crime families.  Barrack if you wanted to use homeland security and database all of the Italian lineages in the United States including children put up for adoption in order to take away the guns of every Italian in the United States that would be okay with me too.  And some Italians would love this idea!

You cannot tell me that the violence in Chicago or Milwaukee or New York is not propagated by the Italian crime families in the United States.  And since all Italians are said to be related by Italians you can take away all those guns!  (I can hear someone complaining already- my response to you is that you know you were a 5417 kid already.)

You can initiate the same process with every Mexican in the United States too.  Why? Because illegal aliens were harbored in the United States by them.  What has this amounted to in the United States?  It overloaded our legal system and defied our democracy and freedoms.  And who let them into the United States?  It was George Bush who was the Big Texas who had every opportunity humanly possible to walk tall and prevent them from crossing the state that he was Governor of.  You don't even hear him speak of it after he is out of office.  What does that tell us?  Nothing good about him.  At the veterans cometary there was a picture of him and it told some facts about him.  Per my memory- it listed his nationalities as including English and Hispanic.

All of these people are brought into the United States and they are supported by the criminally minded favor network.  They did not have the courage to fight for their own rights in the countries that they came from and when they came to the United States they came as our worst enemy because of this; feeble minded cowards.

We will not be able to restore the freedoms in the United States until those with the feeble criminal mind are defined as second class citizens because of this factor alone.  And it has nothing to do with the color of a persons skin or their race it has to do with what they were taught to believe in or more rather that they were never taught to believe in self reliance.  This sector of people in our society spans from the poorest of the poor to those who are considered the most elite.  They create schizophrenics in our world out of every race.  And then when they themselves become adults they loathe the minds that they were dependent to.  If they had had their way in the United States before WWII when the Nazi Eugenics movement was strong in New York City every member of someone labeled schizophrenics family would have been sterilized.  THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN THE END OF THE HUMAN RACE!

Anyone who actively lives off of the soul of another human being should indeed be labeled a second class citizen.  That would end all crime in the entire world.  And if they behaved themselves they might be able to raise their status as is done in North Korea!  North Korea knows the truth about human nature all too well and has the backing of China behind it.  So whenever you hear the United States talking about war with North Korea it means WWIII and the planet earth and the human race cannot survive even one more nuclear bomb.

We need a little of North Korea's management of the criminal minded in the United States in order to bring the country back to what the founding fathers believed in.  And that does not mean taking away Americans guns and feeling whoosy washy sorry for those who cannot think for themselves.  Are we to coddle the feeble minded in this country like every one of their mothers did?  Is that what you believe the Democratic answer for organize crime is?  Well we could offer amnesty and recognition in some form.  But the reason that some people should indeed be labeled second class citizens is because you would never want them to manage and control the fate of other peoples lives.  Is it fair to label a great many people second class citizens?  The labeling of someone as being schizophrenic is a complete medical fraud so it is indeed very fair and even just to label those who are dependent minded to a schizophrenic as being second class citizens.  They chose to be that!  They chose that reality!

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