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Friday, February 1, 2013

The Milwaukee FBI 02 01 2013

The Milwaukee FBI 02 01 2013

Neithers FBI employees nor a Govrnment positions should be hired by the "Who you know's."

I am referring to the recent news of the FBI not following proper protocols in its recent sting operation.

But you know what, I have to give them a lot of credit for trying!  It shows that they do have heart and want to do the right things.

It is the right of every citizen to go to the FBI and tell them of their problems that involve the FBI once a year.

When I went there three years ago I talked to a man whose suit did not fit him.  He had no knowledge of the technology I was speaking of.  Not only that everyone in the Milwaukee office of the FBI looked like they were sitting at their computers and pretending to work.

So again I have to give them credit for their recent sting operation.  You know what, they learn from what they did wrong and the next time there is less error. 

It shows they have heart, want to see the drug problem go away and know that drugs do indeed ruin peoples lives in their communities.

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