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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Violence Against Women Act 02 13 2013 Update # 3

Violence Against Women Act 02 13 2013

John McCain had his soul beaten out of him by communist.  A communist has the mind of an evil woman at best.  Will the act be broadened in later interpretation so that if indeed you are violent against a female homosexual of two female minded homosexual partners that the stricter provisions apply to you?  What if you are protecting yourself from being raped or the equivalent from one, will the law be broadened to apply stricter provisions to you?

What if you wife is pimping out your daughters as is known to be a belief of some Jewish sects in history and you just found out about it?

What if you wife is cheating on you with the Chief of Police?

What if a mother is forcing a son to perform cunnilingus on her?  What if she is raping her son like Richard Pryor was.  What man could not prevent himself from violence in a case like that?  The temporary insanity clause was indeed the best defense a person could use when a jury did not have the ability to understand what created their rage or was misdirected from that understanding.

The problem with laws like this is how they are subjectively interpretated and to the benefit of whom.

Violence against women?  The good man already knows not to be violent to anyone.

But what if you wife is so stupid that she almost just killed you and your entire family through negligence and you give her a slap across the face?

But most importantly what if a woman steps in and prevents you from saving the life of someone else?  What if a women steps in front of you and obstructs you, you swat her an act of violence as you try to save a black woman who was being dragged away and raped as a gang of blacks or Jews watched?

Do I know how the evil female mind of both men and women works?  I have been studying it all my life.

Change of point of view.  The problem with laws is that there needs to be anti-interpretation clauses that must be created with them in order to comply with the spirit of the law.  If that had been done in the first place we would not have degraded as a nation to the point that we did.

What if a father is raping and sexually molesting a son and making a homosexual out of him and the mother steps in!

But what if your wife cannot stand your criminal behavoir and reports it on you!  This law brings goodness to the world in every way doesn't it!!!!!!

As to what am I hopeful this act is really getting at?  I sang about it in a song.  See track number=> 15

Play track number 15 and buy the whole music CD so that you never forget!  Look up the definition of Ima too.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy

When women feel powerless in our society they seek to control the world to the betterment.  That physical fact is that they do not have the proper interpretation of how to do it.

Every law that was ever created should have come with anti-interpretation clauses.  Now that is the quote from a man and one who was stigmatized because he heard voices in his head from a race of women that cannot raise their own children.  That thought you just thought was so great came from someone German American Jews labeled Schizophrenic!

John McCain should not be writing laws anymore than Bernie Madoff should.

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