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Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Carbon Tax You Have to be Kidding Me 02 07 2013

I can't understand why a local paper continues to run editorials and commentaries regarding the control of pollution at utilities that do not directly address and enforce limitation of the pollution.

These are all right wing stances with regard to pollution and they are not acts of conservatism!  Conservatism does not mean that you create an ever growing and unrecognized future liability.  Conservatism does not mean that you find new environments to pollute.

What do all of these pass the buck articles with regard to utilities and pollution amount to?

1. An inability to understand the nature of the problem being addressed and how to address it.

2.  A motive whereby the source tax really ends up being a benefit to utility bond holders at the expense of the average citizens energy cost.  The most recent idea touted to the Republicans in the paper was called a Carbon Tax.  What the h311 is wrong with you!  It is like the spoiled rich kid is told he has to do something and seeks to find a way so he doesn't have to!  That is what the carbon tax amounts to.  The real men of the country would say we set limits and you have to meet them! (period)  Who in the h311 thinks in terms of a carbon tax?  Who would propagandise and publish commentary like that?

If you want to know how much pollution a coal fired plant puts out into the environment just go fishing north of the power plant on the south side.  There is a park there that is one park south of Oak Creek park.  There is a boat ramp at the park.  If you fish there and you ever experienced that coal fired power plant blowing the fumes out of its smoke stack you would be sick for a very long time afterwards.  It is a respiratory hazard.  It made me sick.  But most of those South Siders smoke cigarettes like they are going out of style so they would never complain about the impact it would have on the development of their children.  Nor would they ever think of complaining about the pollution that is deposited in the water.  I am talking a big black cloud that can suffocate a person.  If you are there and you see it get the h311 out!  Better yet don't even use that park.  But I might fish there again because I caught a few small ones.  But what is the point?  You can't let that continue.  You can't keep making excuses for it.  There are ways to make clean coal that should be adopted.

Not a Carbon Tax.  Do you know why the Republicans push for a carbon tax?  If you knew anything about the fixed income market you would know that the largest interest rates that are paid come from financial investments made in Utility companies.  Without this industry the wealth class in the county would not be able to safely compound their money over time.  That is also why Americans are sent overseas to fight in wars- to support the for profit generation of electricity.  That Carbon tax just creates a layer of money.  And what does the author suggest to do with the proceeds of the Carbon Tax?  Return it to the consumer!  So therefore the biggest users and wasters of electricity benefit in this scheme.  Again it is a way for the rich to defeat a pollution law!  They need to leave this country already!  And no legitimate and responsible newspaper would ever publish an idea like that. A waste of ink!  A waste of air and water.  A wasted future.  What is wrong with you!

It is the same Republican agenda, avoid the real issue and find a way to give the money back to yourself. Wake up? How long before the new phrase in the United States is Don't Drink the Water. The educated and intelligent of our country know they have to filter their own drinking tap water already. That should not have had to happen. Nor should we have ever had to pay for bottled water because the tap water is bad. Ridiculous. Anyone who supports ideas like this never earned a dime in their life.

Do you know that the major soda companies have now monopolized clean drinking water!  So what can we do about them?  We have the power to break up monopolies in this country and we d@mn well better use it!  Instead of breaking them up we are going to have to nationalize them in an effort to CONSERVE and ensure clean drinking water for our country.  I can hear the pig faced Republican strategist having a pansy dance of spoken words in retaliation of the very mention of what I just wrote.  They will go on and on at length speaking sentences and writing articles that do not connect the meaning of words to the proper use and function of them.  To them it is a game of trying to be the writer or intellect.  That is not what a writer is.  They need to be chased out of the American political arena and fast!

Why don't you figure out more way's so that you don't have to actually work!  That is what this amounts to.  You should actually try work once you might like it and learn something in your life. 

I think the Republicans don't like work because they can't stand being told what to do.  They believe that they are above accountability.  The second reason they don't like work is because they could not stand to work for someone as incompetent as themselves.  The third reason they don't like work is because when you actually watch them work it reveals how stupid they really are.  Try it once, give one of them something easy to do and watch them vacillate and gaff at it and then just stand back and start insulting you in an effort to hide their irresponsible based frustration.  But they sure have figured out ways to craft legal documents haven't they?  Who do they hire to do this?  Satanically raised lawyers from prominent law firms.  There should be a law against that.  To be a lawyer that writes law you should first go to college for a different degree.  Then get your law degree.  Then as a requirement to serve in the Government function of writing new laws, you may never have worked for a law firm!  That would create a straight economy!

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PS.  I would respond directly to a lot of these written things on the commentary sections of their websites but I have been banned from many of them.  Not only that I search for what you have an issue with and can't find it.  It is hidden in the birch pile.  But what might be the real reason is that I have been told that my criticism of others is deadly to them!  And they said it to me emphatically, deadly!

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