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Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Warning to all Family Members Related to Thomas Paul Murphy 02 09 2013

A Warning to all Family Members Related to Thomas Paul Murphy 02 09 2013

The Bible tells of how Jesus told that everyone in the world will turn against, including members of  your own family, but if you believe in me you will never perish.

What am I getting at?

You very well know what I have been stigmatized with in label.  But here is what you didn't know.

Dr. Kallman was a big player in the formation and development of psychiatry in the United States.  He was also a Eugenicist.

He was far worse than Nazi Germany.  Do you know what he advocated doing?   He advocated and wanted to sterilize every single member of any family thought to be flawed with schizophrenia, or showing any sings of eccentricity.

That is a highly subjective determination.  He wanted to spoon out your ovaries, cut off your testicles and vacuum out your prostate.

Just something for all of you to think about if you ever seek to make nuances, jokes, shame, prejudice, discrimination.

Here is what you also didn't know.  We know that our Department of Defense developed synthetic telepathy far earlier than 1991.  Colonel John Alexander told us this.  What does that mean?  Anybody can be made into someone that can be labeled schizophrenic.  So indeed if they wanted to get on the Eugenics and racial thing again  (And there is a multitude of German Jews who hate schizophrenics).  They could drive you crazy and sterilize all of your family members.  And it might not even be you, it might be your Great Grand Children who are yet to be born!

So who exactly do you believe in?

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