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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Inventions Needed 02 23 2013

Inventions Needed 02 23 2013

Large frozen waffles the size of pies and slim line low profile toasters to go with them.


Those dinky freezer waffles are not very filling.  A guy likes to eat one about the size of a pie to the start a hard days work.

Not only that, there is tremendous opportunity to create nutritious value in such a waffle.  For example it could be made with barley flour and flax seed in it.  It could also be nutritionally enriched.

No man really likes to go to that toaster the second time after he has eaten two of today's small freezer waffles;  It would be best to have just one large waffle.  One large waffle should cost no more than one dollar and they could be available in packs of three; each individually vacuumed sealed- none of this freezer burn and waste issue with many of today's freezer foods that aren't eaten completely right away.

And the slim line waffle toaster that I envision would have the cooking plane horizontally orientated.  And no other waffle manufacturer or waffle oven manufacturer could make the waffles or toaster unless the cooking times were standardized to those of the original equipment.  In other words no more of the issue where the toast pops up not toasted and you put it back in until its burnt.  As a matter of fact all bread and toasters should follow the same standardization schematic; in other words you just put the dial on the color that corresponds to the same cooking color on the label of loaf of bread and you don't have an issue.  No more of the issue is the toast done or not and is it now burnt.

And all toasters on the market ought to be able to cook the densest slice of bread to browned surface in just one toaster cycle.

And you can call it the King Thomas Waffle.  But you won't, as always you will disavow any knowledge of the true origin of the idea; for it is anathema and heresy to assert ones business rights in the United States of America today.

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