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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Due Diligence in Public Common Stock Offerings 02 07 2013

Due Diligence in Public Common Stock Offerings 02 07 2013
General comment regarding foreign stocks listed in the United States.  If the above is the best example of English that the company’s top management had learned, then that company should not have been listed to United States Investors.  What legitimate investment banker would nod their head to that and take a company like that public?  The primary function of due diligence is cast into the tar pit when English illiterate management is allowed to borrow from United States Investors and that really amounts to racketeering on an international level by the Investment Banker and market maker organization as a whoa- the NASDAQ.

The regulatory body, the NASDAQ, and all of its member firms bear the brunt of remunerating United States investors in cases of fraud that can be found to have resulted from this basis.
A lack of respect for the Standardized English language always translates into a lack of respect for the American People.


And who is the idiot that fell out of the pimp wagon that said Spanish should be a second language?  Was it Bill Clinton?  He was been and still is a blight to the integrity of the Democratic Party.  The Move On party came into existence because he had a sexual affair with a Polish Jew.  And indeed Russia said we were ridiculous to reprimand him.  I was on the side of Bill Clinton back then because I thought it was a religious right wing machination to discredit him, blackmail him, and use him like putty.  -To keep him from making progressive change because he really wasn't capable of it?  Or to blackmail him to conform to the special interests of the unintelligent elite?  Either way it was a successful ploy.  And I know exactly what he was faced with because everywhere I go there are young dark haired teenage girls who flirt and tease, that is called Jail Bait.  But maybe it really isn't jail bait at all?  Maybe what it really amounts to is tyranny against freedom bait?  He fell victim to it, I have not.  I am going to go out on the record and say that young Jewish (other any) girls who act as jail bait might do well with a prison term?  And that there should be sting operations to catch them!  I only say this because it has been found to Obstruct the Government of the United States.  And it would be for your own good to have you disciplined for it.

There have always been attempts by the evil of this world to subvert our Democracy- this was one of them.  The reason being?  Those of a collective race cannot compete fairly with what was the Standard of the United States.

Bill Clinton was either mentally manipulated and controlled or he was a bad apple from the start.

And other than a few complaints like this here and there in this blog I think he is an okay guy; but maybe I am wrong?

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