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Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Jews Proved Jesus Christ was a God

The Jews Proved Jesus Christ was a God
How do I know Jesus Christ was a God in spite of what the Jews said about him?  The complained that he healed  on the Sabbath!  That means they claimed that he had the power to heal.  That means they were completely convinced of it!  The power to heal is indeed that of a God!  The proof is in the protest!
So he was King of the Jews!
So why crucify him?
Out of a rich son’s jealousy of him?  Such son my say, “He is a wandering peasant and I am not going to put up with that?”
The word resentment comes into play to.
Jesus cannot be said to do anything wrong and yet was the subject of hatred.  That is very analogous to schizophrenics being 13 times more likely to be the victims of violence than the perpetrators of it.
It seems in world history after the crucifixion that a fallacy of being nobility as a matter of hereditariness was created.  This has always led to bad ruler-ships that victimize others; just as they do.
A good leader can articulate and write the reasons for contemplated actions that rational minded people agree with.  A bad leader is just the opposite.  Reading and writing English are basic skills that rational minded people easily master.
The rational mind is one that draws from its own experience and from areas of its own higher brain function.  The rational mind is a characteristic (or trait) that differentiates man from animal.  You know you don’t have one if your mind is reflected in thinking to or from those you have abused or those who have abused you!  The belief in the irrational mind of oneself has been the failing of religion.
The Constitution is a rationed minded document because it articulates in writing a Government structure free people and citizens rights rather than verbally expressing falsehoods of veiled negative emotions!
Waif Ideology is- I believe in such as such because it allows me to maintain a delusion about myself.  This leads to a society of non working mediocrity.  It is a product of the irrational mind and leads to the choice of false and betraying leadership.

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