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Saturday, February 9, 2013

This One is About the Waiter in Houston who was honored for not serving a customer who complained about a retarded child 02 09 2013

I am with the customer who complained on this one. The aids virus is essentially a monkey virus. Those retarded children look like they are reversions in evolution to monkeys to me. Anybody who say's otherwise is denying reality. There are 46 million Americans on food stamps; they won't be eating in that restaurant either. Not because the waiter refused to serve them but because these are Americans who cannot afford to eat in a restaurant. I understand that customer’s opinion entirely- why glorify the existence of that and accept it as POLITICALLY NORMAL? The aide’s virus is monkey DNA that infected humans. Good God when they are born with full hair is that waiter going to kick the human being who complains out of the restaurant. Then what happens next the whole community boohs that human being while a new monkey DNA race rules the world in horror? The Pope is with me on this issue to because he has a problem with Dogs living with humans. Most Dogs carry the strep virus on their mouths. That is a virus and a virus is really bits of animal or foreign DNA. Many people in this country have a low grade and persistent form of the strep virus they don't even know about. It is a low grade compromise to their health and intelligence.

I really would like to see a board of health inspector come into that restaurant and see what he finds in the kitchen. But that Governmental function has been diluted by the smaller Government function of the Republican Party. What does that mean in the stream of logic, the Republican Party fostered the prevalence of sickness and resultant retardation? Not only is that child mentally retarded it is also physically deformed. Who wants to eat next to an Elephant man with skin peeling off of its ears. Hooray to the Customer who complained. That is a true Patriot.

Everyone with the aids virus should have been quarantined a long time ago. Now 60% of black teenagers are said to have it. That is not responsible government. That is self pity projected onto those like you.

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