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Friday, February 8, 2013

Wayne LaPierre, the NRA and Mental Illness

I got a call from the NRA today asking me to be a member.  I told her that they still owe me the duffel bag from the last time I sent them a check.

"When was that?"
"Years ago."
"Well you should try calling our customer service."
"I already did that at the time."


 "And you have a credibility issue with me when you can't even get that right."

 "I have a problem with Wayne Lapierre viewpoint of the mentally ill and guns.  The mentally ill have a right to protect their property to and they are 13 times more likely to be a victim of violent  crime than the average citizen."

"You owe me a duffel bag."
"Well I have no control over that."
"Then were done right."
"Well I guess so."
"Hang up!" I commanded.

And she did.

There are two thousand homeless military veterans in this country and most of them are mentally ill.  So by Wayne LaPierre bone head logic not event they should have a weapon!  Wayne, Wayne, Wayne.  By Wayne's definition the only people who would get guns in our country would be those who would use them to kill the most brave and patriot members of our society there ever where.  Those who with full faith in this country enlisted in the military.  And to boot many of them also have alcohol and drug problems that they developed while in the military.

I can tell you that I ruined that woman's day good!
If you want to ruin the day of a bad person who calls you on the phone, first win the argument and have them turn tail.  And then command them to "Hang up!"

Tell me this?  What is wrong with arming those two hundred thousand military veterans that you already decided to arm once?

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