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Friday, February 15, 2013

Asteroid DA14 02 15 2013

Asteroid DA14     02 15 2013

This asteroid is passing 5000 miles lower in the earths atmosphere that orbiting satellites.  You have to remember what keep satellites themselves in orbit is the earths gravitational pull.

The thing that will or will not save us is the velocity of the asteroid.

However  when an asteroid enters the earths atmosphere the oxygen in the earths atmosphere causes it to burn.  And when that happens it loses its velocity????  And when it loses velocity it is pulled into the earth.

Why does it lose velocity?  Because that earths atmosphere creates friction!!!!!  The friction reduces its speed.  It kind of reminds me of the metal flower story in my novel The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper.

Yes I am a prophet!

So hypothetically, where is it likely to poetically hit?  The highest elevations such as mountains are likely to break it first.

Take a listen to my song I'm on a Journey to Colorado.

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But if it does not hit a mountain then my guess is that it will give a devils hair cut to a line of city skyscrapers somewhere in the world.  It if takes out New York or Chicago's maybe you should start to believe in God again!

And remember it is an asteroid that caused the dinosaur race to go extinct and it was believed to be anywhere the size of this one.  I believe the one that killed out the dinosaurs was the size of a car, per my memory.

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