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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Notes and Commentary from Barrack Obama’s State of the Union Address 02 12 2013

Notes and Commentary from Barrack Obama’s State of the Union Address 02 12 2013

These are my disparate comments and thoughts on tonight’s State of the Union Address.

Barrack, “If you work hard,” How about if you learn Barrack?  If you learn? (He did go on to mention this.)

You can’t cut your way to prosperity when you already defeated the foundation for it.

It’s not about jobs, it’s about skills and they don’t have any and you know it.

The immediate audience all knew how to stand up and clap when he said we need to repair bridges.

Pre-schools?  From all the people I have seen you don’t have the teacher base in this country.


Immigrant Reform

I started to ask, “How is that going to add to our skilled work force?”

Then he talked about reform meaning

1.       Background checks

2.       Requirement to learn English

3.       Back of line to Americans immigrating here legally

4.       Better border security.

No one who works full time should live in poverty.  Raise the minimum wage to $9 per hour.

Tie the minimum wage to the cost of living.

I saw Ryan leer on that one, “Ryan what do you know you live on your wife’s trust income.”

Birth or circumstance should not determine outcome.

Do more to encourage fatherhood.

Built on a thriving middle class?  The only way to bring back middle class is to reduce the wealth class through a wealth tax.

Defeat Al Quada?  You just said you were bringing the troops home.  What is implied he knows the military is worthless.

Another 34,000 troops coming home.  To what home?   Most of them come back mentally ill, drug abusers and homeless.

Take action against those terrorist’s that pose the greatest threat to America?

What about Crime?

What about the American Psychiatric Association

Russia’s Nuclear Arsenal?  What does the United States need any for?  To irradiate the ocean so that all life is dead.  We have already ruined the coast in Alaska, the gulf of Mexico and the sea water off the coast of Japan from following our bad energy example.

What kind of child’s game was the nuclear buildup?

The U.S. built the arsenal but we didn’t back it up with the reason that we needed it to transform the world through integrity and leadership by example!  We didn’t use it to get a better example to the world.

Progress in the most enduring parts of the world benefits us all.  Give them clean water first.  Are you going to send our derelict military personnel over there to cause more conflict? 


Maintain the best military in the world has ever known.

Woman have proved themselves in combat?  Who wants to marry one of those?

Must do our job to protect our rights here at home.

Shouldn’t have to wait 5,6,7 hours to vote.

Police chiefs tired of seeing their guys outgunned?  What kind of responsible police Chief wines like that?  What happened with Eliot Ness and going after crime with trench sweepers?  Are you telling me your are outgunned with a .223?  You got to be kidding me.

Barrack if you want to take away every black persons gun that is fine with me!

Everyone knows that these crimes of violence that occur in the city of Chicago are committed by blacks driving in cars and sticking the guns out the windows.

How do we ever screen them?

1.       You gonna go hunting? No

2.       You gonna target shoot? No

3.       You going to protect yourself?  He say’s yes to this one but it isn’t how that gun is used.


And to be fair who wants to live in drug cities?  That is no place to raise children.  Why have we never seen an Eliot Ness crew against drugs in the United State’s.  Who want’s a drugged out freak living in their neighborhood?


These people with guns?  These aren’t people who listened and learned in school and graduated from high school!  These aren’t people that protest for better education!

Lay bleeding from 12 different bullet wounds?  What kind of war is that?  A rubber BB gun war where we don’t really want to attain an objective.  I am talking about the Nato .223 cartridge.

Marco Rubio is a bad double ganger of Mark Walberg. And that is why the Republicans chose him.  Makes you sick doesn’t it.

And good God cry Baby John Boehner give that job up and go do something you really like instead.  Your crying face is the best example of the inherent weakness of the Republican Party.  I can’t wait for the next time, to watch a right winger cry when the light is cast on him and he can’t insult to darken the room!


Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy

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