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Sunday, February 10, 2013

He Who has no Children Raises Many 02 10 2013

He Who has no Children Raises Many 02 10 2013

Did the (Ashka) Nazi political party seek to sterelize Schizophrenics so that they would always be there to raise their children for them?

And was that the same motive for the German American based Eugenics movement in the United States that fed into WWII?

I mean lets be realistic Hitler was beaten to crap by his father and did not turn out to be a nice person.  He wasn't going to be able to raise children either because of this.  Who else in this world has a problem raising children?  Those with a mean case of adaptive mental retardation?  And who are those?  Those are people who were raised from the demonized soul of a Schizophrenic!

After all if you sterilize someone they cannot have children and then they have no problem raising yours for you?

The horrific Roman Empire did much the same thing because they could not raise their own children.

I am not singling out or being entirely enclusive of Jews with any of these writings.  But the archetype of this type of person is widespread in our society.  But a lady that I worked with in Chicago, Grace Eger told me this, "Jew's have someone do their thinking for them."

And when I was a boy and rescued another boy while he was being molested he told me that he was telling me a great secret for what I did for him and it was this, "All Jews are mind readers."

I later asked him to prove it and we went to a Jewish friends house who went to Public School,Robert Trentadue because he was Jewish and his aunt was supposed to be able to read my mind.  She went back behind a wall and then came back and said, "No he..."

I have a strong belief that young children are indoctrinated into a life of crime in this way.  I also believe that young girls are initiated into sex in the same kind of game.  I know for a fact of one case of a Police Officer statuatrially raping a young Jewish girl.  So indeed I have a basis for my belief there too.

You can not imagine what it would be like to hear a current Jewish neighbor of yours say, "What is the matter why can't we hear him?" When you are feeling fine and not disturbed.

Or another one run outside with their son or daughter and harass you while you are trying to form a basis to earn a living.  A grandmother saying to a daughter, "He is doing something good over there and I want in on it."

But anyhow high technology synthetic telepathy exists and people are indeed tormented with the likes of this.

A picture of a high tech device used to drive people crazy

Do you know that I can not stand to write bad things about people.  But I am bothered to write these things by the same people who will cry foul that I did?  Right piss someone off and then blame them when they get angry?  The Germans are known to have a strong temper.  What does that mean?  Does it mean that they like to antagonize people too?  I don't believe this is true so then I ask what type of German person exactly first said, "He who has no children raises many."

And so you are a boy or girl who grows up listening to the thoughts of a chosen father in your head what do you do when you are ready to have your own adult life?  It is a bit of a misnomer to believe that you will ever be a responsible adult.  The first thing you do will get pregnant so that you can pick another person to listen to the thoughts of.  And what else do you do?  You are so insanely jealous of those people who you listened to all of your life that you seek to give them psychiatric medication that prevents higher brain function!!!!  And that is what all Schizophrenic medicines do!  Why?   Because you are so insanely jealous of that higher brain function!    If psychiatry in the United States is not Nazi Eugenics or rather Nazi Eugenics that was based on United States Eugenics then what is it?

I know what I am.  The beast will never admit what it is.  The thing the satanic adult males want everyone to believe is that they couldn't get anything done without them as part of their soul!  Real men are not this way.  A real men is a capable and strong independent thinker and does not need to harrass someone in order to think for himself and impress a woman into marrying him.  But she will marry such man because once she is cast into world of adult life she needs to have a baby so that she has an excuse to listen to the thoughts of a man.  "He who has no children raises many!"  she screaches.

Sounds like the words of an mean case of adaptive mental retardation to me!

If you are a Jew and have no idea what I am talking about it means that you are a good person and not part of this.  You better start speaking up.  Because this is exactly what the Bible meant when it called the Jews, "Gods Favorite Children."  That is a dark sense of humor.

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