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Friday, February 8, 2013

Sampson the Gorilla at the Milwaukee County Zoo 02 08 2013

Sampson the Gorilla at the Milwaukee County Zoo 02 08 2013

When I was a boy my parents took me to the Milwaukee Zoo.  Every time we went to see Sampson the Gorilla I would look at it and think things like this, “That thing scares me 5417less.  Good God what an Ugly Beast. Etc. Etc.” 
It never failed as soon as Sampson saw me it started bounding off of every wall and corner of that cage and pounding on the glass trying to get out and kill me!  I am not kidding.  I told my mom and she said don’t be silly.  Sure enough the next times we went the same thing.  But I was told not to think about that beast.
I can tell you that every child who is a victim of bullying in school has the exact same experience as I did looking at the ugly Gorilla.  I can try and explain it scientifically below but first some relevant items from the Catholic Religion.
“Bless me father for I have sinned in my thoughts and my prayers.”  In my thoughts?  Is the Catholic Church telling me that I am supposed to say that I am sorry to Sampson the Gorilla?
And just who was kicked out of the Garden of Eden?  I would have to believe it was something just like Sampson.
“In my thoughts?”  Jee willickers as soon as I got that job in Chicago the monkeys came out and howled me out of my mind.  They kept me up all night long for over one year.  “Won’t you please come to Chicago,”  I have not been fond of those song lyrics!  I know what an A$$h0l3 wants to say to me with a psychiatrist badge on his shirt, “So you believe that Gorillas were your neighbors when you lived in an Apartment in Chicago?”
“In my thoughts?”  Good God Nazi Germany America are you telling me that I should be on psychiatric medication because I offended Sampson the Gorilla at the Milwaukee County Zoo?
“The Jews went screaming and crying from their homes,” Is the Bible telling me that Israel was attacked by a tribe of Gorillas?  The badge guy would say, “You actually believe there were great tribes of roaming Gorillas that idolized Jewish woman and sought to mate with them against their will and steal their homes?”  Well he wouldn’t think to ask that much would he.  He would stick to those questions where he could get a definite bead on me for believing in something easily proven stupid.  That is indeed there tactic.
So who is it that sold wine to all those people and why?  “Are you telling me that Gorillas grew wine and bottled it and sold it to people?”
So who is it that sells drugs to our children?  “Are you telling me that you believe Gorillas sell drugs children because the children cannot stand what they think of them?”
“Bless me father for I have sinned in my thoughts.”  The priest wants you to believe this at every Catholic Mass.
 “Are you trying to tell me that you believe that good man is really a Gorilla.”
“He doesn’t look like one does he, so that is your answer.”
“So you actually believe that you can sin in your thoughts,” the badge asked.
“No that is the belief that was taught to me.  And I find it valid in the case of Sampson the Gorilla at the Milwaukee County Zoo when I was a boy.”
“Just Sampson.”
“No there is another person that warned me about it to.”
“And who would that be.”
“I already told you, the Catholic Priest that told me not to sin in my thoughts and in my prayers.”
“So you think that Catholic Priests are Gorillas.”
“ I consider a Gorilla to be a beast.”
“And how is that relevant.”
“I also learned from the Bible that there are over 12,000 people at the time of the Bible was written that were termed the Beast.”
“The Book of Revelation tells me that the number of the Beast is 666 and it represents the name of the beast.  It say’s that in order to figure that out you need Wisdom.  So you go to the book of Wisdom in the Bible and you go to chapter 6 line 6 word 6 and you find the word forgiven is the name of the beast.  Then you go back to the book of revelation and it continues to tell you who was forgiven.”
I just told you one of the greatest secrets in the history of the world.  Why did I tell you that secret?  Because maybe I won’t be around to tell you tomorrow because I know it.   Same reason that I gave away all the ideas on my inventions needed website, I am not allowed to perfect them.  Here is another Catholic Belief, “To finish the life he started for us.”  To you understand what that what means?  Think of Sampson wanted to be you and perfect all of your work and life’s goals to fruition.  After you are nailed to two crossed pieces of wood and baked in the sun while your lungs fall forward and break apart.
 Schizophrenics are not the ones who are different in this world.  They are normal human beings.  Schizophrenics are medicated not for themselves but for the beasts that are offended by their thinking.  And it is not an issue that is based on skin color.
The first thing that a male Gorilla does when it enters a new tribe and is dominant is to kill all of they young.  The young in Gorilla tribes are raised by a few female Gorillas.
The favorite thing that grade school bullies do is molest other children.  Nine out ten times dogs go for the groin.  In Africa they caught a human boy that was raised by monkeys.  They tried to domesticate it but the other children were scared of it why?  Because it went for their groins with it’s hands.  Do you know that Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany sterilized Schizophrenics.  And that American psychiatrist Dr. Franz Kallmann who worked at the Wilhelm Kaiser Institute renamed Max Plank Institute after WWII wanted to sterilize every single member of any family thought to be flawed with schizophrenia.  Source Mark Rich's website and book.  This is a man who became head of New York State Psychiatric Institute.  

An orthodox Jew once said to me under his breath, "There were Jews fighting Jews during that war."
And speaking of war and monkey fingers again.  Think about our national history in the United States and the founding of our country and also of the traitor above from New York when you ask yourself what does a Yankee mean and why are we proud of it.  I will give you a little grammar lesson it is the opposite of a Yanker.

The Bible also tells about the men of Israel going off to war and bringing back strange women.  Then they all got together and decided to do away with those strange women.
I am getting off track.  It seems that a modern Gorilla has found a high technology means to disturb the train of my thought process.  I saw what it looks like and where it is.
So Barrack Obama wants to be able to take away Americans Guns and also kill Americans who are living in foreign countries?  There is something in our Constitution that say’s that we are guaranteed life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. There is also something that say’s we have the right to due process.  If Barrack Obama has killed one American or more overseas we have the right to know the exact circumstances and every detail.  Is he trying to write a law that makes him not guilty for killing American soldiers who are said to have died of suicide in the war in the Middle East?
He wants to take away our guns and kill Americans who are living abroad?  It sounds like he does not want people to be able to escape from the United States.  Do you know what Barracks wife said about him in the Democratic Campaign?  He has no problem listening to all the voices and the chatter.  Replay that video clip for the body language that went with it.
Do you know how this reads to me?  It reads like we coexist and learn by imprisoning the little boy who visited Sampson at the Zoo in his own home and antagonizing him with non-lethal weapons.  And in this day and age nobody would be able to tell or believe it.  Who would believe a little boy like that?
Tell me who is the lesser race.  The little boy who visited the zoo or the Gorilla in the cage?
We have not heard much about gene research and Schizophrenia post 911.  Thomas Jefferson was a great man who refuted the divine rights of Kings.  Sampson wouldn’t have liked him either.
It is very interesting also from the Bible that the reason the Jews gave for killing Jesus Christ was that he made himself a God.  Do you get the semantics or the implication?  He made himself a God rather than we made ourself a God out of what and how?  What am I getting at?  I am talking about Gene expression.  And how genes can express themselves from things like Trauma?  John Edwards the television psychic views the human soul as something separate from the body.  So if you look at it this way.  Those who know that they do not have a human soul can scare a human soul from someone to get one?  What is the nature of a War Veteran?  They are in shock and trauma.  What does that mean?  They have had their soul scared from them. I can tell you that when I was a boy Sampson sure did a good job of that with me.
Catholic Priests they like irk me.  The last time I went to church the Catholic Priest Michael Lightener motioned his hands around and became wide eyed like the boxer Bone Crusher Smith after he just knocked someone out and he said as he looked directly at me in the pew, “Satan is all around us.”  Another priest looked directly at me wild eyed when he said, “You have to walk that path alone!”  Anyone want to go to church with me? 
Good God what a horror.
One final thought.  An Italian man on the Oprah show told of how he molested and raped a woman and he saw her whole life flash before him.  He was in prison.
“Forgive me Sampson for I have sinned in my thoughts.”

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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