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Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Group Calling Itself 02 24 2013

A Group Calling Itself 02 24 2013

Did you ever notice that the media always reports terrorist events by using the phrase "A Group Calling Itself."

That is very interesting terminology. 

1.  It has nuances of people are not allowed to give themselves names. 
2.  We have the power to name ourselves and not them.

Analyze a little bit further, the ability to name things is the power of God from the Bible isn't it.  So indeed to proclaim who can give themselves a valid name and not is indeed to assume oneself a God.  To deny people the ability to form a group and give that group a name is indeed the assumption of the power of God.  It is really saying those people do not have a human face when you say "A group calling itself."  It is reserving the power to name to yourself.

It is never;

1. A group calling itself the Catholic Church molested boys.


2.  A group calling itself our Government failed to regulate alcohol and tobacco and now the innocent taxpayer has to foot the bill for diabetes and cancer.


3.  A group calling itself our responsible elected officials failed to have oversight over the nuclear industry and now we have irradiated water off the coast of Japan, in the Water supply under Waukesha County and now highly like Radioactive contamination of the Water supply under Washington state.

4.  A group calling itself our government failed to prevent mercury from contaminating the world water supply and now fish are unsafe for human consumption.

5. A group calling itself our government had no real concern for educating the American public in a traditional manner and now they can't and don't want to work.

6.  A group calling itself our Law Enforcement and Judicial system failed to further the profession by preventing drugs from becoming widespread and now their children are born with mental retaradation.

7.  A group calling themselves concerned parents said that we could not use the term mental retard because it hurt their feelings and now we are all governed by a race of monkeys.

8. A group calling itself our government failed to keep unheathly foods off the market and now mental retards are common because of the candida infection.

9.  A group calling itself our government failed to quarantine aids patients, a deadly plague, because that group that called themselves our Government were all sodomites themselves!

10.  A group calling itself the worlds oldest relegion (WOR) for short failed to allow the truly talented and truly educated to flourish in our society and in doing so incited civil unrest.

11.  A group calling itself a politcal party found a figurehead to support a hidden agenda and pulled a coup on the people of the United States.

12.  A group calling itself an orphanage (school or blue collar trade) taught boys to steal all they could.

13.  A group calling themselves a Union prevented people that they did not like from working (because of the female emotions they had for them like jelousy.

14.  A group calling themselves the Eugenics movement sterlized leaders of their schools of thought and created modern psychiatry as a front for the same movement post WWII.

15.  A group calling themselves the Republican Party lessened the function of Government to the degree that they could compete and profit in unfair, unsanitary, polluting, crime ridden, drug pushing methods.

16. A group calling themselves the Republican party allowed illegal immigrants to stream across our Texas border until our judicial system became bogged down and inneffective because of them.

What the Group Calling Themselves never really want people to know is that they never want people who have been labeled and named and stigmatized by them to be schizophrenics; to know that they are really normal and in fact much more than YOU-MANS!

I could go on and on with this by it is time to have breakfest.

Copyright  2013 Thomas Paul Murphy


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