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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Philosophical Question 02 12 2013

Philosophical Question 02 12 2013

I am trying to understand under what circumstances it would be necessary to create and legitimate a race of mean case of adaptive mental retards as a religion?

The only way that it could come about was if the term human being does not apply to all of us.  So then one asks oneself where the term human being comes from.  In order for me to preface an explanation of that I have to tell you about the Garden of Eden.  What if Adam and Eden were kicked out of a garden or homeland by someone that we would consider the standard to be human today?

And quite indeed the Dead Sea Scrolls validates this type of civil action as a matter of the ancient Jewish Religion.  It was standard practice by the Jews to evict those who did not conform to community rule.  Just imagine if you had a child that could not listen and liked to disturb adults.  What might a child like that say in his defense, "I am in my fathers temple!"

Okay so you have a group of unruly behavior or might even be considered mean cases of adaptive mental retardation that the ancient Jews evicted straight out of their communities.  They are on the outskirts of the community.  No mans land and one is heckling what we might call a mature adult male.  He has an accident and gets so angry that he wrestles that juvenile down and is about to bash his head in with his fist when the delinquent say's in his defense, "I am you man!  I am you man!  I am you man!"  And of course phonetically it does indeed sound like, "I am HUMAN!  I  am HUMAN!  I am HUMAN."  We know from the Bible that Adam and Eve were the first HUMANS!  And they did indeed become that by making God their father very angry.  The Italian race believes in God Fathers who are spiritual fathers.  And indeed there is a modern song that makes the point too the lyrics of which are, "They thought you were Italian in their eyes."  What do we know about Alcohol, Italian Grapes, Nazi Beer, rotten apple fruit on the ground that was forbidden by the father of the Jewish Essene Village?  That it makes people that are unable to listen.  If you cannot listen you cannot learn.

So indeed we also know that members of the Ancient Jewish Essene religion were raised in Groups.  Primates also raise their children in groups.  Recently they found a boy who was raised by primates in Africa.  It is said that none of the children at school wanted to be around him because he grabbed at them with his hands, implication to molest them.

So if indeed you cannot listen, learn and think for yourself what do you resort to?  You are insanely jealous of human beings that can.  And that is indeed what causes them to want to hurt and eliminate the race that they cannot compete with, what we know as the human race. But what we really consider the human race is actually one step above the human race.

What is my belief?  I strongly believe that those people who are labeled schizophrenics, in what amounts to a crime against humanity, are the only real humans beings that are left on earth.

So what does the Satanic race seek to do to maintain a competitive advantage in our world?  They molest boys in a savage form of Semite Eugenics?  And this indeed led to the Eugenics movement in the United States that fed the mind of Adolph Hitler.  Modern psychiatry in the United States is indeed a form of Eugenics that gives that outcast lesser race a better chance of success than those who should be successful.

In our modern day and age you can think of the race of mean case of adaptive mental retardation as being very widespread through religions, creeds and colors.

I am not a racist if I study and expose a hidden race.  We have not heard much research about the genetics of schizophrenia.  It might be because their is not genetic basis for it.  It might be because they know without a shadow of a doubt that the schizophrenic race is the true human race.  It might be because they chose who to make a schizophrenic like is implied in the time of the Bible by the San Hedrin saying that Jesus Christ made himself a God, in contrast to the implication that the San Hedrin had some power to make a God?  And what would that be?  First of all it meant that they could not stand him thinking and saying bad things about them.  But how would they do that, make a God?  Is it indeed like the Romans who castrated and unic'ed boys to become servants?  That is what is implied.  Do they all huddle around and listen for the pain radiating from the soul as they molest a child or rape a little girl?

I am going to keep at this until the day I die!

One of my next articles will have the theme, NORTH KOREA IS NOT MY ENEMY!
Why?  The countries philosophy is the juche ideology- it means SELF RELIANCE!  That is the most beautiful principal to popularize!!!!

Do you know what else that I like about them?  People are put into different classes dependent upon their behavior!  And it takes three years of better behavior before being considered to have your class raised.  Just think of it this way.  There are 46 million Americans on food stamps (many black) and it is the criminals and former criminals that are on our television!  Mike Tyson gets prime time booking. Good Lord he bit the ear off of Evander Hollyfield and sexually molested Teddy Atlas's daughter!  He will never be more than a lower class to me.  And whether he needed a good civic beating in public or not, who can argue it wouldn't have done him good!  North Korea is flagged as an abuser of human rights.  Do you see how that might not be an accurate determination in some cases with regard to people who do not behave in our society and become the most successful? No true human being would disagree with that.  What is behind the scenes here?  A lot of money is made off the likes of criminals like Michael Tyson and nobody challenges that.  Why?  Who wants to challenge a religious criminal network!

And be honest Jewish women who of you would want him to marry your daughter?  Sure you say you might, but we know that is only for his money, and the reconciling reality or truth is that is money he should not have earned in the first place isn't it!

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