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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Inventions Needed 02 28 2013

Inventions Needed B 02 28 2013

Why on earth can't they line a galvenized metal garbage can with a layer of plastic like a plastic garbage can is made out of?

Is the reason being that it would be waterproof and last forever? It could indeed be lined on the inside and outside.

Every single one of those plastic garbage cans that I ever bought cracks.

How easy it would be to clean out a plastic lined galvanized garbage can. Not only that, it would make an excellent rain barrel. In addition it could have a foam insert that would prevent expansion of ice in the winter from cracking it.

Many people do indeed have problems with ice slicks that form after snow melts off the roof and freezes on driveways! The winter rain barrel solves this problem.

It could be made so that the layer of plastic did not make it prohibitively heavy.

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