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Monday, February 13, 2012

How to end the Economic Crisis 02 13 2012

How to end the Economic Crisis 02 13 2012

I can prove that schizophrenic’s minds are stolen by an evil race.  Their ideas and intellectual property are all looted.  So how then how can I solve the economic crisis?

Where do people run to and broker their stolen ideas to?  They take them overseas to be manufactured and the profit trail is then lost!  Because concepts are being pilfered from the stolen minds of Americans and manufactured overseas I as President would have every right to ban foreign imports from coming into the United States.  And furthermore, because those who have committed this crime against the United are guilty of a crime against humanity they will have nowhere to travel to where they will not be prosecuted.

And if indeed one particular country was found to be at the heart of this issue they would have no other country to go to where they could not be prosecuted!  So this would prevent the theft of American minds and profiting from them.  This works very well for Americans because many Americans are guilty of this crime.  Because of what some Americans have done no American will ever be able to take a foreign vacation again, for fear of being prosecuted.  Therefore all goods will have to be made in America and America will work again.  But this time around we will do so with fairness, clean energy and concern for health and safety!

And if there are those who want to come out of the closet and admit what they are I would not be the one to look down on them.  Recognition and Amnesty would indeed clear the air on this issue.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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