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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mama Likes Me Better Beesil 02 08 2012

Mama Likes Me Better Beesil  02 08 2012
Jews were not allowed to own Gold Mines?  I saw that on the television and had to ask myself why?  And the answer came to me immediately; because if they did they would have slaves down their working!  And if you went to see who was down there in order to free them, they would bury you as you looked.

Why do I think this horrible way?  Because I know that I am someone who is kept in a different kind of mine where it is not liked that I would be able to see the light of day-  I am an idea miner.

To be fair those who keep me prisoner and mining ideas for them- do not look like what Jews have been stereotyped to look like.  In fact they look like every American that there is!

I say this not out of hatred but out of truth!

I live in a free country and therefore I should be free, not a slave to those who have chosen me to do their thinking.

Did the origin of slavery come from someone saying, “That person can do the job better than me.  I will therefore make him do the job while I watch!”

I did not wake up from a peaceful nights rest and start writing this stuff!  I am woken up by the voice that chants to me.  I become angry, and these are the types of things I think of in response, so I write them!

The nature of work should be:

1.    I think and work and am not distracted by you!

2.    I think and work and profit from it- not you!  Unless I hire you!

3.    There should never be an instance of “Yee shall know them by their fruits,” which means you have stolen from my “Apple Tree” and are selling my stuff without respecting or paying me!

What is also the nature of slavery?  It is, “His works are so much better than mine that the only way to compete with him is to make him my prisoner!”

Jesus, a Jew, was a carpenter or the son of a carpenter. I have no doubt that he and those like him planned and built Rome and not a fat shuffle walking pizza belly!   If you have ever talked to one you will immediately see how guarded they are with their intelligence and; how it relates to your ideas and thinking!  I suppose we should just consider that as a them being respectful to us, because they know how angry it makes us, to know that!

And also that is a reality some of us just have to accept for some reason, I am not sure of as one reason, others think with us.  I have come to accept it, so I don’t know why I get mad.  YES I DO!  It is because the ultimate insult the dependent minded have is to deprive one from profiting from their own ideas until they are poor, homeless and starving!  That is also why I write this stuff!

Why else do I write this?  I do not need to be molested from my sleep- by them!

IRAN executes child molesters and I salute them for it!  The child molester molests because it has no soul and needs to hear someone else’s human thinking.  The pain they hear directed to them is indeed the start of that signal that feeds life into their soul.

If you hear someone thinking and want to go into business with them, you make friends with them out of respect for them.  If you employ someone you pay them what they are truly worth and you do not seek to make them believe that they are less than what they are.

And you can’t raise jealous dependent minded daughters who covet everything you leader thinks of as if it was their own!  This is in part how she becomes the evil of the dependent minded.  She becomes wicked out of jealousy of you and you become her victim.

Consider these your guides to 22nd century society!

Why else does she become evil?  She sees who all of you are spending your time listening to and resents that you are not spending that time with her!  She therefore seeks to destroy the source of your chosen thinking!  She or he is the one who would put you down in a dark mine shaft!  And she or he is not necessarily a Jew.  He or she is just a human, could be any human!  The Jews get the bad rap from this because their role model of Jesus was tortured to death.  And Judas of the Bible has served as a role model for too many religions of the world.  A boys will be boys boy would look at Jesus and Judas and say, “I wouldn’t want to be the one nailed to that cross.”  Is this indeed the justification to be like Judas.

Somehow this has to work whereby just through the course of time and miserable failure on your part that you acknowledge what you have been and give up the behavior!

How to defend yourself against the children of the dependent minded who seek to destroy you because their parents listen to you and not them.

Just think this thought as you wake up, “Mama likes me better Beesil!”  or “Pappa likes me better Beesil!”  It addresses the true issue of the BEE IN YOUR BONET.

Before you come and get me, remember, “Mama likes me best Beesil!”

I think I will indeed create a t-shirt that say’s just that, “Mama like be best Beesil!”  It also works good on Mama!

Thomas Paul Murphy
     Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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