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Friday, February 10, 2012

American Telephone and Telegraph is filth

We had the internet cable service disconnected from them more than 10 years ago because of service breaks and the rudest customer service that we have ever experienced on the phone.

They tried desperatly to get our accont back and came to our door several times soliciting new service.  I told them that I never wanted to see or hear from them again.  And indeed if I were the President of Whitefish Bay I would ban them from solicting in my neighborhood!  No agent or member of AT&T would be allowed to come to my house!  I would go even farther than that.  If I was President of the United States I would break that company us using antimonopoly power and make them provide rebate checks to every customer in this country.  That cable line would be public property and they would never have a claim to it again!

In November they sent us a Cable box that we never ordered.  We told them that we didn't and shipped it back to them at our own expense!  For some reason they never took our word that we never ordered the service even though we never used it after it was sent.

The next thing we knew we were receiving bills.  We are still recieving bills to this day from the day the laid the baby in the basket of the AT&T cable box on our front doorstep!

We have spent over 24 hours on the phone trying to resolve this!  Doesn't that help the Telephone company and give them a source of revenue when you have to use their service to resolve an issue and their service does not work.  I was disconnnected from the phone company three times after Roxana of customer service connnected me to the specialist number 1-866-718-2011.

I told them that they were guilty of mail fraud for sending us that box that we did not order and then billing us for service.

They sent us two different bills. The first gentleman I spoke with Alex told me he did not recognize the account number on the bill and that it had to either be eithernet, cable or home phone.  He transfered me to Roxana who told me after researching it that it was a land line.  I told her I personally watched the telephone line being cut when our telephone service was integrated with the cable internet service of Time Warner.  So I asked her how we could possibly be billed for it.  That is when she sent me to the specialist number 1-866-718-2011.  That call to that number was broken like someone was flipping a switch on  a remote monitoring system!

Roxana told me that her manager did not have the ability to resolve our issue!

I then called another number and spoke with a Renee Thomas and she transfered me to a dead line before I could explain the whole issue.

If this is supposed to be how we create jobs in this country this corporation needs to have its corporate legal status disbarred from being a corporation!  Maybe for once in the history of the United States the Bellweather companies are indeed leading the contry into bankruptcy.  It is supposed to be the oppositie indicator of economic growth.  What really have is consumer scalping in order to increase the bottom line of the corporation and gaurantee higher salaries to employees!

I will never forget how Ron the Internet specialist used to answer my questions as to why the internet didn't work.  He reminds me a lot of how a wife described her dolt ex husband, she said, "When he pointed the shot gun at my head that is the day I left him!"  Like a drunken Milwaukee dolt!

How can we be billed for a land line that is not even connected to our house.

I have long suspected that AT&T has been behind the use of synthetic telepathy.  And indeed when I worked at First Analysis Corporation in Chicago I was told by Allan Cohen Phd. that the company really made all their money on a $250 million dollar investment that AT&T had given them.  What did First Analysis do with all the money and there supposed expertise in Investing?  They put it in treasury bonds and earned government interest on them.  It just seems wrong to me in so many way's that a corporation can bilk and torture the public in the name of Satan and create and fund the Satanic!  That is right I just called them Satanic.  It means dependent minded and that definition is consistent with the Bible.  And I know that it is true and I will never back down on that!

This is indeed how the upper class funds its status!  Our Government pays them interest not to work!  And what do they do when they do not work?  They just become more dependent and satanic because they do not know what true responsibility means!  They never had to!  They had a safe government provided crutch in our banking system!

It is absolutely rediculous and runs counter to every principal this country was founded on!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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