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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Russias plot ot overthrow the United States

Russia’s plot to overthrow the United States 02 15 2012
American .223 on left, Russian .223 (5.56 x 45) on right

Russia, a former communist country knows very well what our democracy has become in the United States.  They know that the dependent minded have demonized others in this country and live off of their souls.  Oddly enough they also know that the only ones who would fight for this country and prevent it from being invaded are those who stockpile ammunition!  Yes your conspiracy theorists.

Those who stockpile ammunition usually buy the cheapest that is around and that is Russian Ammunition.  The cheapest ammunition to buy is your .223 center fire- it is what is used in the AR-15 rifle.  It is also almost precisely the same caliber as the NATO   (I think that is what the AK-47 takes.)  Oddly enough the American AR-15 is sometimes contra recommended to be used with the NATO ammunition because the NATO has more muzzle velocity to it.  That muzzle velocity means that a gun needs to be made with stronger parts to handle it- and the AR-15 does not!!!!  How this circumstance came to be is a mystery to me.  Whether the NATO Gun came first or NATO waited to see what the AR-15 could do and designed a gun very similar so that in a time of invasion if one were to use a can of NATO in the American  AR-15 they would lose that battle!  The American would lose!

But the story gets more interesting.  The Russian Ammunition is made a lot different and cheaper.  I actually like the idea that the Russians came up with, they used a steel casing instead of brass.  In terms of the actually bullet on the end of the casing that is fired from the gun, that is brass or copper covering a steel bullet.  Here is where I am told the problem comes from.  That steel casing on the Russian Ammunition is said to have a chemical on it that prevents it from rusting.  That chemical builds up in the back of your rifle barrel as the gun heats up.  What happens is that it forms a glue.  I have been told by my secret sources that the glue ignites and separates the casing!  Then next bullet will not go in the gun and the gun won’t fire!  What I am speaking of is that the back part of the cartridge that holds the power in it separates in two!  For those of you who don’t know anything about guns you look at that cartridge it is only that pointing top part that fires from the gun.  Can you imagine an American fumbling about and trying to figure out why his AR-15 does not work, he or she would never be able to figure it out in time before being shot!  Why not?  Because the back part of the cartridge is ejected out the side of the gun every time it is fired.  He would not see that it had been broken in half!  He also would not be able to tell that there was just a circumference of thin metal in the back of his gun that prevented the next bullet from going in!

I have to ask the question, do some of this Russian AMMO have a different rust preventative chemical than the next?  For example, does the ammunition sold into the United States have a chemical that more readily forms into a glue when heated?  We will never know.  It is like looking at a coffee cup from China and trying to figure out if it has lead in the glaze!

Notice how the Russian is held to the magnet whereas the American on the left is not!  Lot of symbolism there too.

The other thing my top secret source has told me is that the metal casing wears on the extractor of the AR-15 more than the brass one does.  My source also says that the metal tip of the bullet wears away the rifling on the barrel.  The rifling is a pattern inside the barrel that spins the bullet as it is fired.  The spinning motion creates a gyroscopic force that keeps the bullet flying straight.

So be careful.  If you have stockpiled boxes of this Russian ammo and the country is invaded these are the things to look out for.  Every militia man should have an extra barrel and extractor for his AR-15.  Also someone should invent a ram rod with a machine screw like end that can be turned through the barrel in case this cylinder is stuck in it.  This rod could be held under the gun like the old civil war guns had.

One final point.  I have not seen a box of cartridges that did not have some type of glue residue on them!  Whether it be American or not.  A good rifle man should inspect every cartridge for glue residue and wipe it off if it is a dot.  This glue residue sometimes looks like the price tag on the bottom of a coffee cup after it has gone through the dishwasher a few times.  But not the Russian preservative- this is a very this coating you cannot see with your eye.

If I were President of this country you would be able to exchange every box of ammunition you had for a box of American.  The Russian would be melted down.  I do believe that the Russians came up with a good idea on how to make ammunition.  You can tell if you have a metal inside the top of your bullet by taking a magnet to the top.  If the magnet sticks to the top it means it is steel inside.

I am not a militia man.  I am just a guy who was on the Rifle Team in high school and hate to see what has happened to it.  Do you know what happened to the rifle teams?  The satanic could not stand the rifle teams because those whose minds they were dependent on concentrated on shooting when they were on the rifle teams.  When they did this the Satanic could no longer use their minds.  What did the Satanic do?  They demonically possessed those on rifle teams to go on school shootings so that the Rifle teams would be banned from all schools.  If I were president of this country young men and women could proudly walk the halls of high schools around this country carrying their target shooting rifles in cases like they did in 1985!

And if Russia wanted to take over the United States they could do so very easily.  Why our sissy military does not have their own mind and I am not giving it back because it is mine!  The United States military today is a bunch of sissy’s because they do not have the strength of a stolen soul to guide them.

I was an Expert Marksman on the high school rifle team and I could easily pick you off at 25 yards with a 2.5” barreled hand gun with a 10 pound pull trigger, if I found you to be an enemy combatant.  What is the definition of an enemy combatant anyway?

Could this Article be titled: Why every American should own an AK-47?

I heard on the Art Bell show some 10 years ago when I used to listen to it, that Israel had created a means to prevent a bullet from being fired from a gun.  I used to think that it was purely a psychic means but this technology of Russia can do the exact same thing!

God Bless America!

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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