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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Inventions Needed side of car or fender gun rest 02 29 2012

If I were Governor I would repeal the law that say's it is legal to rest a gun on the side of a car.  It could only be legal if you had my side of car gun rest invention.  This would be a fork like notch or rest that was in a u channel formation and bolted to the fender or quick release attached to the fender or side of a car via a fixed plate.  Then you could rest your gun on the side of the car while you take off your  boots.  I would be under no liability for my invention if you drove away with the gun resting in the fork and it then fell and shot out your tire, gas tank, you or your 10 year old child hunter in the passenger seat who is the same approximate size and weight of a wild turkey?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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